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Green Poncho, the Ludhopathic liberator

Poncho Verde was a struggling missionary who, if he had nothing, became part of the highest society and would become
The worst thing about us
| 11 February, 2020 |

Poncho Verde is a legend of the province of Corrientes. He talks about a missionary who arrived in Corrientes in 1810 to settle there. His last name was Ponccio, but although there is a sound similarity between his last name and nickname, they have nothing to do with it. They recognized him as a handsome and brave man, mixed between the tribes and would have liberated more than 300 families. In those years the population only settled on the banks of the Paraná River, and Ponccio settled there.

Those who speak of Poncho Verde always stand out as a bold, intelligent and cunning man. His struggle with the people helped him create a respectable image and began to interact with personalities and, above all, the military. In Misiones, his homeland, life was hard, but in Corrientes everything had changed and Ponccio had become Army sergeant.

Ponccio had an outstanding fighting spirit: he would have participated in the campaign alongside Manuel Belgrano. In 1812, celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the Fatherland, the governor ascended to the rank of Ensign to Ponccio.

Everything seemed perfect.

Ponccio had changed his life, formed a family with his wife and three children. I didn’t pass the needs I had in Misiones anymore. It was a subject recognized by all and with an important social rank. But not everything is perfect: Ponccio had a problem, the same one that led him to get his nickname of Green Poncho.

Ponccio was a gambler. After being promoted by the governor, he went to party at a pool table. In the game I had the same passion as in the fight, but I had no control. He had made a lot of money and, moreover, he had drunk too much cane. With his senses of boldness and reduced reasoning, he could not withdraw from the game and ended up losing everything that night.

The birth of Poncho Verde

Ponccio couldn’t stand defeat and stuck his face on the table. pool, which damaged the green cloth that covered it. The owner of the place, Don. Angello, he claimed this attitude, but Ponccio didn’t take it well and nailed his face. on the owner’s chest. Don Angello would lie in the middle of a puddle of blood. Ponccio, seeing that, put his hand in his pocket and threw some silver and gold coins. As part of payment for the unrest caused.

Before starting his escape from the place, Ponccio ripped off the cloth green from the pool table and put it on like a poncho. Action that determined the birth of this legend. Ponccio fled and settled in a small island with his family. It was hard to get there, but those who saw it They said he always wore that cloth he turned into a poncho.

He was very wanted by the forces, but they couldn’t find him. They asked Sergeant Piris to capture the well-known green poncho lunatic. Piris planned a trap, threw a party, with the sole purpose of Poncho Green will approach. As Piris had planned, Green Poncho appeared. They recognized him and started the fight. Poncho Verde was a specialist with the And with only three stab wounds, he ended Piris’s life. But Ponccio had been hit by a certain blow by Piris, a direct stab at the heart, which determined the last fight of Poncho Verde.

The Legend

His family put a cross where the remains of Poncho Verde remained. People for a while saw it, claimed that it was Poncho’s soul who could not find peace. Then they stopped seeing him. Today everything has changed in what was the architecture of those places. Some springs were intubated, avenues were built and there is nothing left of those times.

Today that established avenue is called Gobernador Juan Pujol, but popularly it is known as Green Poncho.

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