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The torturer of the Federal

A Neanderthal man, loose in the 21st century. A torturer who takes on it and manages his employees through fear.

This torturer has a peculiar story, his name is Hugo Larrosa and he started “from below” so to speak. In the early 1980s, he began his commercial career selling eggs and oil in the streets of  Buenos Aires . In 2000 he arrived in Santiago de Chile and set up a food factory. He did so well in the business that he set up branches in Uruguay and Ecuador as well. Under the name “Alimentos Don Hugo” he settled in  Chile  from where he managed his emporium. So far it looks like the story of a thriving businessman, but no, let's not forget it's the story of a torturer.

Until today, Hugo Larrosa was ufanating from having belonged to the Argentine Federal Police. To further frighten the employees of his factory, whom he tortured from 2012 to 2016, at least. When one of his employees reported him and fed up with the harassment he suffered, he handed over to a television medium videos with the evidence. While his identity remains reserved by a fictitious name and the blurred face on the tapes, what you see there leaves no doubt that “Don Hugo”, what he called himself by his employees, was a detestable guy. Behind Jose's testimony (the fictitious name they gave to the protected witness) appeared others who told several episodes that had lived with the owner.  Today Larrosa is at large from Chilean justice . Prosecutors say he didn't leave the country but don't know where he is, how they like to say he is with “unknown whereabouts.” An insult to the victims.

The news left me in shock. We are in the 21st century, where business theory and leadership tend to put all the emphasis on employee welfare. A time when workers already know they have rights that are unwavering and no one should fail to respect. Further than that, I can understand the fear of employees, to report, lose their jobs. I can understand even  Stockholm syndrome, but a torturer? I can't reason how there wasn't a single executive to report what was happening just happened. How no one intervened until it was too late.

I won't stop to detail what was seen in the videos because it's giving this monster an entity. I'll just say that he left no evil to commit: mistreatment, screaming, insults, physical violence and abuse. Worst of all, what ended up sinking him, is that he himself called for filming the mistreatment he was subjugating his employees. Of course, many of those who declared said (I quote text because I can't believe it) that “Don hugo compensated super well” for the mistreatment, giving generous prizes in money to keep the employees quiet.

 I still don't understand how you can be so inferior, so little man, not to be proud to run people without  violence  . As you can think that by being the owner of a company you can treat employees as you want and subject them to constant abuse. You'll tell me what about the values? Yes. If he ever had values, he clearly lost them. A guy who turns to something like that, he thinks he's okay. It's got it built in. Sure, justifying their actions in victims' mistakes.

So, seeing it from someone who thinks torturing is right, who I imagine will have his own machismo and brutality exalted, I don't understand how his pride allows him to bend another by force and fear from power, being that undermines his masculinity.

A psychologist over here, please. One more thing, I hope they'll give him 2000 years in jail in Chile.

Rating: 0/5.