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Don't let it be just a slogan

There is a femicide that these days moves the province of Mendoza and is Ivana Milio.

The worst thing about us
There is a femicide that these days moves the province of Mendoza and is Ivana Milio. The case is progressing and a few hours ago his partner was handed over, who is also the main suspect. But what happened? Let's start from the beginning. Ivana was a 46-year-old businesswoman, who was beaten to death (although it is almost daily that someone is beaten to death, I never cease to be surprised when I read it: how do you kill someone with a punch? How long does it take? What images are engraved in the mind of the murderer? Until Julio Mendoza turned himself in, the investigators didn't have much information. In fact, some maintained that he was wearing what he was wearing and others that he had a circle of people who were helping him. Ivana and Julio were a couple not long ago and had only been living together for 60 days. Ivana's family told the press that they had never heard of the couple going through any problematic situation. They saw him as sullen and somewhat brutish, but he didn't go any further. Sometimes, unfortunately, these kinds of personalities don't manifest themselves until they do so with the worst brutality. A piece of information that the researchers are evaluating is something that at the time went somewhat unnoticed, but now takes on greater importance: no more than three weeks ago, a neighbor had seen a man sitting at the door of Ivana's house. Since she didn't know him (he was new in the neighbourhood), she went out to try to see who he was. It was Julio, who told him that he had had a small discussion with Ivana, who for that reason did not let him into the house. Another important fact is that a neighbor in the new neighborhood asked him to slow down the car (of which he seems to be a lover) because it was full of children and the affair ended with pineapples. If the shell is scratched, clues begin to appear. Perhaps one of the worst images in this case is the one that Ivana's daughter had to live with. When Ivana knocked on the door of her house and had no response from her mother, she jumped over the neighbor's party wall and saw blood on the garage floor. An image difficult to erase. At that moment the first 911 call was made. The body was found by Ivana's ex-partner (the baby's father) on his bed, full of blows to the face and a particularly strong one on the forehead, which left him a deep cleft. Unfortunately, the Ni una menos is still only a slogan. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Publication Date: 03/11/2018

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