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Demented More Weapons: A Dangerous Equation

A madman is already dangerous. A madman armed, I don't even tell you.

The worst thing about us

What I am going to tell you happened in a neighborhood called Villa Celestina (what a nice name, please), which is left in Villa Mercedes, province of  San Luis . A neighbor in the area, named Diego Ceballos, hit a shotgun to another neighbor's car with whom he apparently had no conflict. In fact, the defendant himself stated that he does not know the owner of the car. Although in recent years he had no problem with justice, at some point he did have them (two cases for theft). The strange thing is that in the newspaper that publishes the news I read that “until hours ago, Ceballos was not charged with any crime.” It should be clarified that the defendant had been doing his own for the last three days, not only shot the neighbor's car who reported it, but burned another one and even tried to burn a house.

When he was arrested, they found that in the trunk of his car he had a 20-litre plastic canister of naphtha, several matchboxes, metal spouts and work gloves. Let's say it was his “destruction kit.” They did not get to seize the gun with which he gave the neighbor's car, because somehow he managed to get rid of it before he was delayed by the    police. Clearly Ceballos was committing a crime, which does not qualify as attempted robbery (did not take the car or tried), much less homicide (the car was without passengers at the time of being shot), but how can it be that the penal code does not have a figure for someone who shoots a car? He is accused, of damage to private property and illegal possession of weapons.

And this is where I want to stop for a second, carrying weapons. One of the countries with the most shootings among its citizens (often civilians), is undoubtedly the  United States . Do they have crazier than the rest of the planet? It's very likely. But what makes the difference is not the number of insane people, because there are insane everywhere, what makes the difference is that citizens in the United States have very little difficulty getting a gun. A madman is already dangerous, a madman armed, I don't even tell you. The equation is easy, isn't it? What do we do with weapons in the hands of the population? The US argument is rather lazy, but it seems that it works for them: in the name of individual freedoms, it seems to them that the State cannot determine the prohibition of the possession of firearms. I mean, they equate weapons with, I don't know, lawn mowers.

They don't see guns as something very particular and about what should be given special care, they take it as a people's right and chau. That's how they are. Violence was very difficult to curb, especially if the State was increasingly running its responsibilities.

Luckily in our country access to weapons is not so simple. If you want to have a gun, legally, it is not enough to go through a hypermarket and choose the one that best suits us with your shirt. In Argentina it is required to process a Legitimate User Credential, the weapon must be registered with ANMac, and you must have a possession authorization. The procedures do not end there because for each weapon you have to submit two forms and pay the respective tax. I'm tired of just describing it, I don't even want to think about it.

It gives me a little peace of mind that there are all these controls and that there are penalties for those who access illegally because what I'm sure doesn't help is that people carry weapons. If I'm going to cross with  crazy people , at least they don't have bullets in their pocket, right? What do you think?

Publication Date: 13/11/2018

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