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Cruel murder in neighborhood Yofre Norte

Shock in Yofre Norte neighborhood (Córdoba), over the murder of a renowned merchant, in an assault. The community calls for
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26 January, 2020

Mariano Baigorria and his wife were exploiting for 22 years a greengrocer in Yofre neighborhood North. He was cut in his calf and bled to death.

The man, Mariano Baigorria, 63 years old, had been exploiting a greengrocer in that popular sector of the capital of Cordoba.

In a robbery, criminals provoked him a cut in the Calf and Baigorria bled to death.

The murderers are still at large and the neighbors called for a protest in Bulnes and Altolaguirre to claim security, and get the culprits.

The attack happened during the early hours. The murder occurred when Baigorria and his wife Mary rested with the rest of the family in the Altolaguirre street house at 1500.

At least two criminals entered with intent of theft and tried first to steal the Peugeot Partner van. The wife of Baigorria heard noises and as he approached was reduced by one of the thieves.

The accomplice went to the matrimonial room and there the murder happened. Screams were heard and the thief fled, but shortly afterwards looked at Baigorria in shock and faded because of a deep cut in a calf.

Hence, police investigators believe that the man could have resisted and that the offender provoked him a cut sharp with a knife or a razor.


Baigorria was transferred in critical condition to the Córdoba Hospital, where he died. The cut pierced his aorta and bled him out. The neighborhood is still in shock, and the city demands justice. Let us hope that these situations will cease to happen. And stop the theft victims. All lives deserve dignity. And no valuables replace people. Justice, dignity and security for all are the slogans of neighborhood struggles today.

SOURCE: Via Córdoba

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