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A drug that scares the Cordobeses

From numerous episodes with this drug, we Cordobeses are scared. We tell you what happens in the province.

The worst thing about us

There were numerous cases in which, through WhatsApp  broadcasts  , the community was alerted about these episodes. Some attacks took place on collectives, in broad daylight. There are several people who have access to this drug, therefore, there are several attackers and each with a different target. It is a narcotic similar to  scopolamine , also known as  burundanga . It has a  numbing effect  on the victims, and prevents rapid reaction. Until now, there were several cases, very often, and perpetrated by different men. The intentions of the attackers are unclear, it is suspected that they could be attempted sexual  abuse  or robbery.

The two episodes that were viralized through WhatsApp audios had happy endings. In the attack that took place on the collective, the victim managed to flee and ask for help. His attacker, a so-called “tennis teacher”, is in prison today. According to the investigation, the man showed himself as soon as he frequented as a teacher, boarded girls and left them his card that was allegedly embedded in the chemist. From the disclosure of what happened,  numerous testimonies  of girls who suffered the same harassment by this “teacher” came to light. Some had even been companions of the subject in the physical education faculty and stated that he harassed them by text message although he received nothing but negatives from them.

The most recent case has as a victim a  physical education teacher , who managed to escape the situation. The teacher attacked is Ivana Alvarez. He is dedicated to physical education and teaches on the outskirts of José María Paz  Park . The episode took place around 22, in General Paz. The situation lasted a few minutes, but it was enough to put this woman into  a nightmare  . It all started when a man approached Ivana's car while she put things in the trunk after finishing her classes.

After giving him a talk, he managed to give him a role “with a phone number”, the talk became a bit uncomfortable for Ivana who quickly gave him an excuse and got into the car to leave. This role that the subject had given her had the drug that would lead her to feel numbing symptoms. The same symptoms that would lead her to react, running away. Ivana managed to escape and, upon arriving at a gas station, was helped by local employees until her students arrived alerted by a message she had sent them. The teacher didn't manage to drive her car, until the effects of the drug left.

 A viral episode 

After what happened, Ivana took the time to record an audio telling the situation to prevent her students. This audio went viral, and now all Cordobeses are attentive to any  risk situation .

The attacker is detained, is 38 years old, Uruguayan nationality and he was found in Barrio Jardín. He was quickly arrested thanks to an identikit made of the data provided by the victim. He initially resisted detention on the run and then faced fist blows with the police. It was immediately delayed by that fact while the inquiries were made for the assault that the teacher had suffered

Alvarez stated that he had seen him other times prowling around the place and suspected that the subject was watching her. He had not made any complaint because the man had never approached or told him anything until the time of the drug attack that almost left her unconscious.

However, the arrest of the aggressor  does not leave us alone . This drug, suspected, is Burundanga, is within reach of many people and many attackers use it as a strategy to achieve its objectives.

Publication Date: 29/02/2020

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