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The taste of the meeting in New Zealand

It's not easy to make a good Argentine barbecue outside. Find out how a countryman in law manages in New
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No es fácil hacer un buen asado argentino en el exterior
| 31 October, 2019 |

Today’s isn’t just a roast. It’s a story. very special roast. You know why? Because it’s made by a very dear to me. That many years ago decided together with his pretty wife Marina, to leave to live in New Zealand.


transcribe everything beautiful that Pablito Dunovits me was able to broadcast in a conversation about how to make a roast in New Zealand.

– Pablo, tell me what the word “roast” means to you.

– It’s a way to get together as a family. The perfect excuse to get together with friends. Here in New Zealand the difference between the roast of them, and ours is fire. They throw a steak, they start drinking and that’s it. Ours is characterized by two or three things. First, patience to make the fire. Second, the passion for meat. Know what to throw, what cuts. Third, enjoy the cutting and accompaniment of the cutting of the meat. It has to be nothing but a creole and a chimichurri; nothing else.

The story

– Five or six years ago, I needed to get back to the meat. somehow. I met near home a butcher who had a cut called “Picaña.” A Brazilian cut like chariot tail. I asked him if could make custom cuts or special cuts. He said, “What do you want?” Him I said why don’t we start with vacuum and rib? And I didn’t know how to do it. Well, then I got into the freezer with him. I explained basically what the void was, and where It was the cut. And we start on that side. So he started selling empty, and rib. Because they only sold little ribs here. Now sell the rib whole.

Then I passed the recipe for an Argentinean chorizo and started making chorizos as well. He coped with Argentine courts and sold them under the Spanish name. They’re cheaper, because they don’t use them here. So came the tail of the chariot, the pecet, the milanese of the buttock, the little ones. All cuts.

The good roast

– First you have to have “Love” and “Passion” to do it, no matter what. I have three grills. I made myself a cross, a gas grill and a coal. The secret of the charcoal grill is to keep the fire, and have the stove at the expense to make the refill. The secret is to keep the fire.

The difference with kiwis grills with ours is that kiwis throw the charcoal, throw the grill up and then never touch it again. So they burn it to the touch. We cook over low heat, with more patience. And they all the opposite. We have a chance to open it. Touch the coal a little. That’s a little bit of the secret.

There are no bruiseshere, for a matter of health. But there are good sausages. I get the buttgun. I think it’s the best we got.


– The theme of the roast is a passionate

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