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The story of Juan Califfi, the Al Capone Rosarino

Juan Califfi was one of the most important mobsters of his time. It was the one who made the phrase
The worst thing about us
La historia de Juan Califfi, el Al Capone rosarino
| 04 November, 2019 |

Juan Califfi was the head of the Rosarinamafia . The newspapers of the time called it the “Al Capone de Rosario” and it was also the one who transformed the city with its criminalacts. It was the one who made the phrase “Rosario, the Chicago of Argentina” infamous.

His history began in Sicily, Italy, where he was born at the end of the 19th century. He arrived in Argentina in 1910 and settled in the town of Gálvez, Santa Fe, at the age of 18. He worked for a while in a factory, but soon began to ascend economically from the hand of crime . He became owner in a short time of a canteen, a carpentry, a hairdresser, vineyards in Mendoza and San Juan and, as he was a racing fan, he also bought thoroughbredhorses for your haras. It was at this time that he formed his gang that would accompany him throughout his life.

He ran the brothels of the Pichincha neighborhood and the game, as well as had relations with police officers and some politicians. He was considered one of the most dangerous gangsters of the city.

Extorsive kidnappings

Once its power was consolidated, it was devoted to extortive kidnappingof people from high society. It began in 1932 with the abduction of Abel Ayerza Arning, a member of an alcurnia family. He was abducted in Córdoba along with his friend Ricardo Hueyo, near the camp his family had in the area.

Ricardo Hueyo was the son of the Minister of Finance of the Nation of President Agustín P. Justo and, knowing about the relations that the police had with the mafia, his father asked the president for the intervention of the Federal Capital Police.

The boss of the mafia, Juan Califfi, against this new scenario, seeing himself in danger released young Ricardo Hueyo, who once out of danger helped with the investigation to find his friend. The father, desperate for young Abel, decided to pay the ransom to his kidnappers, but by mistake he was killed .

Police finally arrested much of the Al Capone Rosarino mafia gang and found the body of the j

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