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The story behind the stolen bike

A stolen bike, a viral post on Facebook, a regret and Catalina, a young woman from Quimilí who hopes to
Stories of ordinary people
Catalina, una joven de Quimilí que se esperanza con ver una sociedad mejor.
| 30 October, 2019 |

We live in Argentina: insecurity seems to have become a “right” that we have to suffer. Robbery happens at all times, but what happened in Quimilí with the stolen bicycle shocked Santiago del Estero and the rest of the country.

Catalina Parodi, a 24-year-old girl, returned home and did not find her bike: “I had no experience with robberies, first I thought it was taken by my brothers,” he said. With the passage of hours, his concern increased. The search started with Whatsapp and his friends advised him to search on Facebook.

The doctor began to get frustrated: “I was angry, I thought that the had sold.” But the search gave results and the stolen bike appeared. “I came back from work and found the bike in the yard of my house with a little card in a bag.” The message that we all saw: “Excuse me, no it will happen again, I did it out of necessity.”

Catherine felt many things; the return of the bike stolen generated a mixture of sadness and joy. The young woman was raised that many sometimes we only care about our own problems and do not look at who surrounds us, who may need us. “Today we say that people have a hard time with cold and hunger, but it is nothing more than a speech that is carried away by the wind.”

Behind the stolen bike is a teaching for Catherine and the subject. She claims that it was a heroic act of repentance and seeking to remedy the mistake. However, this does not justify it and Catherine hopes that the individual who took the bike can receive help and change his life.

Love and opportunities, something that the Parodi know

Parodi’s message is hope dorand believes that, among all, we can improve someone else’s quality of life. He says this because his family lives it day by day. Two of her sisters are adopted: Lola and Micaela have found a family and a new opportunity with the Parodi for years. “With my 24 years I realized that there is more joy in giving than receiving,” Catherine confessed.

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