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The Santafecina siesta: a current tradition

In the city of Santa Fe the siesta is the afternoon rest that marks the rhythm of the city and
As we are
En la ciudad de Santa Fe la siesta es el descanso por la tarde que marca el ritmo de la ciudad
| 31 October, 2019 |

We Argentines are people of tradition. We like the roast, the tango, playing trick, take Mate with fried cake, get together with friends, take a good Malbec and the rituals of preparing each of our “folk ceremonies”. These of a certain form are those that define us with the Argentine gene. Among so many traditions, one of the most entrenched in the province of Santa Fe, and especially in the capital city, is the Take a nap.

“ Tell the doctor that, in the decent families of Santa Fe, at three o’clock in the afternoon a nap is taken,” said a lady who was interrupted by telephone during the hour of the “holy rest” at three o’clock in the afternoon by a secretary of a lawyer who clearly did not know the customs and customs of Santa Fe.

The Ritual

The Santafecino is a man Early riser, who gets up at dawn, but after lunch the nap is sacred. It’s a moment. important, as grandparents would say, in pajamas and Our Father. It is not something to the to pass, is ritual and conscientiously, with preparation and determination. It’s hours. where in the center are all the premises closed and does not fly a fly by the city.

It’s a “ritual” that separates the day in two, before the nap and after, when shops reopen the doors, and bars and central locations fill up until late at night.

“ At one point I wanted to circulate the newspaper El Litoral, in the morning, but it didn’t work. Because people don’t like to read it in the morning, they like to receive it when they wake up from their nap,” said Gustavo Vittori, former editor of the daily El Litoral de Santa Fe.

Those hours of rest after lunch is a tradition that remains deeply rooted strong in the provincial family, and as a good Santafecino said: “Who He sleeps a nap, it dawns twice.”

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