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The origin of Argentine sayings Vol. II

We continue to share with all of you the origin of the most popular phrases and sayings of Argentines.
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08 October, 2019

We continue to share with all of you the origin of the most popular phrases and sayings of Argentines, so that, when using them, we know where they came from. If you want to check the first installment, you can do it here.

Police origin: “Put your cap on.”

If there is one thing that Argentines do not like is authoritarian attitudes (especially when they come from others, for ourselves sometimes we do not have the same rod). That’s why when someone gets too formal or wants to forbid us something, we ask them not to put on their hats. What hat? What are we talking about? Simpler than they imagined: from the typical policecap. Since “don’t be a cop” didn’t look very good, we Argentines chose the metaphor. Another variant is to tell someone who has “the mark of the cap”, which refers to the tanning of cops in summer, which, when wearing the cap all the time, leaves them a mark in the middle of the forehead.

“ As a Turk in the Mist”

I love this one. The origin is quite misty (wink wink), but there is an agreement that it has to do with the fact that in Spain pure wine (without water) was called “Turkish” because it does not was “baptized” (do not tell me that it is not a genius of the motherland). Then, who took too much, grabbed a “Turk” or became “Turk” (much nicer than our typical “fart”). And what better image to denote confusion than a drunk in the mist? Can you imagine coming back from a party on a foggy day before dawn? I think I’d sleep right there, when the fog goes, we see.

Did you know the origin of these phrases? Do you have any more to add? Use the comments and together we put together an etymological dictionary of Argentinisms!

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