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The Marplatense photographer who travels the world with handball

Santiago Russo is a soul traveler who loves to record moments with his camera. As a handball photographer he has
Argentines around the world
Russo es un viajero de alma que ama registrar momentos con su cámara.
| 06 September, 2019 |

“ 98% of the world is good, that’s why 2% handle it,” says Santiago Russo. This is how he synthesizes his experience travelling the world. He manages himself in terms of logistics, transportation, accommodation and food to make each of his trips to any place where there is a handball tournament of the Argentine national team.

Verbalgic and determined, he set up his own venture with professionalism and passion for travel and explore new cultures. The traveler spirit that characterizes him makes him a narrator of unique experiences around the world. Since 2012 at the Olympic Games in London, but for years it has been dedicated to spreading handball.

“ I started with photography and the dissemination of handball, a sport that I practiced in Mar del Plata. Since 2012 I decided to take my experience around the world. I presented projects at the Olympic Committee, in the Federation, but I had no answers. At the time I talked to my colleagues, convincing them of the value of having photographic memories of those places we were going to play,” he recalls.

During the Pan American Games in Lima, Russo continues to increase the number of countries he met through his task: “Peru is the 32 country I have traveled with handball. I was in Egypt, Greenland in an adult men’s tournament, in China at the 2014 Youth Olympics. These are the most exotic places I visited,” he lists in a quick tap knowing that the list is much longer.

“ I define myself as a traveler. I’m a photographer and self-taught journalist. But what moves me is to know the world and to transcend the sport I love,” he confesses. “Photography is a very valid instrument to make sport known. Achieving the best photos greatly helps the success of this experience,” he says.

“ I’ve slept in premium hotels or under a grandstand. Now I’m in the home of one of the players of the Peruvian national team. There they set up a tent with an inflatable mattress that is where I sleep with a giant Saint Bernard who comes to wake me up every morning,” he says funny.

A different world, of adventures and tours. He paints us a singular character who carries around the planet his passion and his dream without forgetting his Marplatense roots. “I always try to see mine again. That makes me happy,” he says.

Source: A Place in the World

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