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The incredible story of the Canchero de La Olla that is a fan of Colon

Gonzalo Insaurralde works as a tennis court in Cerro Porteño, Paraguay. But his heart is with Columbus of Santa Fe.
Stories of ordinary people
| 07 November, 2019 |

More than ever you could title this story by the farmer Gonzalo Insaurralde as “A beautiful gambeta of fate”. It is that the man who takes care of the lawn of La Nueva Olla de Cerro Porteño, where the Single Final of the Copa Sudamericana will be played, was a basketball player of Colón and is a fan of Sabalero. Nice story is Gonzalo Insaurralde, whose cell phone has been ringing since Colón eliminated Mineiro and settled in front of 911 in Asunción del Paraguay.

Gonzalito has a five football team in his family, but with one little clarification: they are all women. His wife Carla and his four babes: Celeste, Ornella, Juliet and Alma. “They watered all the follies and occurrences on me. And we became very strong, like every family in the worst moments. Sometimes we suffer because the rest of our relatives are far from here,” he says,

Hand in hand: the pass to Paraguay

It’s amazing your “figure” Here in Paraguay… they even make notes in the newspapers of Asunción !

( CHUCKLES) It’s no big deal.

Who is responsible from taking care of the Elephant Cemetery to being now like responsible for La Nueva Olla?

Three and a half years ago Agronomist Daniel Spósito opened the doors for me to this incredible challenge. I had met him in 2011 at the Copa America and from there was the relationship. He asked me if I would like to come to Paraguay; we had to prepare the training ground for the Paraguayan Football Team. At that time in Santa Fe I was going through a very complicated moment, so I decided to accept the proposal, which was very good from the economic and from the work way much more.

Colón’s court always lived with the poster of “very complicated place by the “Oh, no.”

That’s right.

Until you found the turn and the court made the famous “click”: today it is one of the best courses in Argentina with its green lawn.

The real responsible person who finds the weak point of Colón’s court is the Engineer Daniel Spósito, who was hired by the AFA for the Copa America of 2011. I was working on Columbus’s site and they tell me I had to go to the main stadium. When I arrive, I meet Daniel that day and I assure you that it was he who found Brigadier Lopezthe weak spot.

Hand to hand: the famous “click” and friends santafesinas

What was going on with Colon’s court?

He had a lot of salinity problems and was always very wet. There are products that are now use that serve and makes it balance the PH level of the ground of the stadium. Everyone knows that under the court of Colon crosses the whole field a nappa that is very close to the surface and is a nappa with salt water. The water with which it was watered was water with a very high pH. It was there that Daniel discovered that problem and the court gave a total change of one hundred percent . It’s a luxury to have worked there with Daniel and do it now in the New Pot.

You left many friends in Santa Fe: El Quillá, Colón, life itself.
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