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The Grand Captain

The Grand Captain was the name of the famous train that once united the entire Mesopotamia. Today is a memory full of nostalgia and hope.


Almost 10 years after his last trip, there is no person on the  Coast  who does not miss the famous train, better known as the Grand Captain. For some reason, Argentines are deeply concerned with the theme of railways in our country. It will be a topic for specialists, but  when we see one of those mega machines abandoned in the middle of a railway station, we drop a tear .

The Grand Captain was as popularly known to the railway of the Urquiza Line that connected the entire  Mesopotamia . He left Buenos Aires for Posadas, in the province of Misiones. To get there, he had to cross the provinces of  Entre Ríos  and  Corrientes  , joining on the road more than 50 locations.

This train line has  a long history . In the roles it was incorporated in 1949 and was discharged with honors in 2011. The emblematic  railway  had its stages. In the first decades he made an epic boat crossing from Zárate to Ibicuy, and vice versa. But it only lasted until the 1970s, when the ferry was replaced by the Zarate-Long Arm Ferrovial Bridge.

 Between stories, memories and longings 

As time went by, the Grand Captain slowed down. The low maintenance of the tracks, coupled with  corrupt governments, led the great Argentine train to become fatigued.  It took more and more to start and get to the next station . It made too much noise or too little, it was always a bad sign. “ The train doesn't leave today ,” they said, “When are we going to get Mom?”  asked the children who were tired of so much travel.

However, the memory of the people remains intact. Every  passenger  who was lucky enough to board him has a story to tell. And, without hesitation, they yearn for those slower railway times. Hope is always alive. Someday the Grand Captain has to come back! The slightest sign is enough to awaken the hearts of the Litoraleños.

 Is the Grand Captain back? 

Nothing better than illustrating the Argentinians'  desire  for a speedy return than  an unforgettable anecdote . When the Grand Captain had not worked for six years, a group of English tourists decided to travel from  Posadas  to Buenos Aires on a rented train. Then a small private locomotive came to your service to move them.

 As the locomotive progressed along the  tracks , hundreds of people went out to meet her at the station . In the cities and towns there had been a rumor that the Grand Captain was returning. The  misunderstanding  led to the railway terminals being crowded with balloons and flags. In the city of Posadas, hundreds of people sang the Argentine national anthem in honor of the Grand Captain.

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Publication Date: 29/06/2020

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