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The cowboys finished shooting.

They stole cowboy hats and unleashed a couple of shootings. A movie theft, which, luckily, ended badly. Good luck.
The worst thing about us
Robaron con sombreros de cowboys y desataron un par de balaceras.
| 28 June, 2019 |

The police named them “The Cowboy Band”, because they performed in hats. It was obvious they ended up shooting. I’ll tell you.

Either you have to be very brave or very daring to try and steal one of the jewelry stores on the famous Libertad Street. Two qualities of most cowboys. For those who do not condone: in three blocks of Libertad Street, all jewelry wholesalers from Argentina are located. Wholesalers, retailers, workshops. Everyone’s either on Liberty, or on a couple of sides. They’re a world of people. Among craftsmen, goldsmiths, jewelers, resellers, merchants, public. There, where everything goes without a bill (beyond the big silver truchada, jewels pay a lot of tax), they buy judges, police, drug dealers. The area is so secured, that neither Cops, almost there. In addition to the Jews, there are Armenians and Russians (from Russia and surrounding countries). They’re more screwed and armed. All premises and workshops have surveillance cameras.

I repeat, you have to be too brave or too ballsy to go steal there.

Besides, there’s the logistics issue, which I think was where they were most ugly. You have courts two blocks away. A square. Cordoba Avenues and Currents, to the hands of traffic. Turnips these were either beginners or just

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