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The Conservatives

We Mendoza are considered closed and conservative. Not only by those who visit us, but also by ourselves.
As we are
los-conservadores - mendocinos
26 October, 2019

Mendoza is visited every year by hundreds of thousands of tourists. They visit us for our landscapes, our gastronomy and our culture in general. Even, most of our visitors become happy with the treatment received. But there is something hidden under the veil of kindness: we Mendoza are closed and conservative.

There are not many who warn that feature of us. Perhaps, the few who do it are the artists, above all, the musicians. On more than one occasion, the public in Mendozahas been criticized, closed, which does not applaud new proposals. Or in theater. We are an audience who prefers the classics of world dramaturgy and not the blind theater, for example.


the politicallevel, the same thing: conservative. Always choosing the historic parties of our province. If new proposals appear, the reasoning is “better known than good to know”. And so we roam, always among them.

In sports, what do half of the athletes in our province play at? : to football. And the rest is distributed in just a handful of other sports, quite classic by the way. Who are we the mendocinos? : from the same 4 teams as always.

A mountain village

That’s how we are, and it’s the worst thing about us. Different sexual orientations are views of the eye. Vestiments that come out of traditional parameters are judged with the worst look. If you finished high school and didn’t want to go to college, you’re wasting your life. And so with so many other examples. We maintain the same practices as 60 or 70 years ago at least.

Some explain that it is because we are a mountainvillage. The cold, the adversity of our arid climate and the lack of water make us more careful about what we have, without giving rise to trying to change it. But it is our reality, we accept it and live with it, with no prospect of changing it.

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