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The boss of the clan

There is much known about Archimedes Puccio: he was the leader of the clan whose abductions are the most famous
The worst thing about us
Arquímedes Puccio
| 24 October, 2019 |

There is much known about Archimedes Puccio: he was the leader of the clan whose abductions are the most famous in our country. In fact, with his story he made a miniseries and a film. Recently, in Brazil, Maguila (one of his sons) was arrested for carrying false documents.

But who exactly was it? He was born on September 14, 1929 in Barracas, the first of six brothers. He married in 1957 to Epiphany Angels Calvo, high school mathematics teacher. They had five children: Alexander, Silvia, Daniel, William and Adriana. They lived in a house in San Isidro, home to future abductees.

Puccio was an accountant. Between 1957 and 1964 he was Deputy Consul in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, receiving recognition for being the youngest diplomat in the government. In 1973 he studied at the Escuela Superior de Conducción Política and was appointed Undersecretary of Sports of the Municipality of Buenos Aires. Shortly thereafter, he became an active member of the Air ForceIntelligence Service. He was part of the 601 Intelligence Battalion, a unit famous for his fundamental involvement in the state terrorism of the dictatorship ’76 and Operation Condor . Extorsive kidnappings carried out by police officers and members of the army were very common between 76 and 83.

Very normal family

The Puccio gave the appearance of being an ordinary family . None of his acquaintances suspected anything. The band consisted of Archimedes and his sons and Guillermo Fernández Laborda, Colonel Franco and the accountant Revuelta, who acted as trustee.

The first victim was a friend of Alejandro: Ricardo Mr. Manoukian. They kept him 9 days tied hands and feet and hooded on the bath in the family house. His family paid the ransom demanded of 500 thousand dollars, but Richard received, anyway, three shots in the head and was thrown into the river at Escobar.

The second kidnapped was Eduardo Aulet. The family paid (in this case 150 thousand dollars), but Eduardo was also killed. It took four years for the body to appear.

The third kidnapped would be Emilio Naum. But I know He resisted. In the struggle, one of the members of the band (never known with certainty who), shot him. He died.

The clan comes to an end

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