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The best #10yearschallenge

Camila joined a viral challenge and her story touched everyone.
Stories of ordinary people
| 01 September, 2019 |

Social networks may seem empty and superficial. But sometimes they become a very powerful tool for generating good things. For example, hope. In the last few days we saw people joining #10yearschallenge, a challenge that was to publish a photo of 10 years ago and a current one. In this context, we were able to discover stories such as that of Camila, an 18-year-old marplatense who moved with her publication.
“I was not encouraged, but… #10yearschallenge “, posted on Twitter Camila Rivadavia, to join this challenge. Ten years ago, Cami’s life was very different: at the age of 9 he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After two years of treatment, he was able to cope with the disease.
Along with his message, he published three photos. On the left, one as a girl, while passing through the chemotherapy treatment, without hair and with a chin. On the right, a current one showing a beautiful young woman with a huge smile. The post had an unexpected response for Cami: more than 700 retweets.
Cami managed to give a viral challenge a different approach: she managed to tell her story in a couple of photos and bring hope, strength and excitement to people who do not even know her. And that maybe they needed it.

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