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The 25 best quotes from Maradona

Diego Maradona's phrases are already part of the Argentine popular imaginary. Today we want to tell you what your 25
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27 September, 2019

Loved by some and hated by others, what Diego Maradona represents for Argentines goes far beyond what he did on the court. Charismatic and controversial, his figure says a lot about who we are and about what — perhaps — we don’t want to be. His phrases — always ingenious — are already part of the popular Argentine imagination. Today we want to tell you what are the 25 best phrases of Diego Maradona.

“ I was wrong and paid, but the ball won’t stain.”

“ Pelé debuted with a kid… and hit the jermu.”

“ When I entered the Vatican and saw all that gold, I became a fireball.”

“ Grondona missed the turtle.”

“ You too, Pasman, you have it inside too.”

“ They cut my legs off.”

“ Getting to the area and not being able to kick the bow is like dancing with your sister.”

“ To Toresani, Segurola and Havana 4310, seventh floor. Let’s see if it lasts 30 seconds.”

“ If it is empty, let it be filled, because you cannot betray xeneize fans” (about Juan Román Riquelme).

“ I thought Berlusconi was coming and I met the Carton Báez” (referring to Mauricio Macri).

“ I went, am and will be a drug addict.”

“ The leaders of Boca are more false than a celestial dollar.”

“ Pity no one.”

“ Playing without an audience is playing inside a cemetery.”

“ Coppola is very vivid. He smokes underwater.”

“ With my illness I gave advantages. Do you know what player I would have been if I hadn’t taken drugs?”

“ Grondona lied to me, Bilardo betrayed me.”

“ First goal to England? It was the hand of God. I offer a thousand apologies to the English, really, but I would do it again once and a thousand times. I stole their wallet without them noticing, without blinking.”

“ Whatever happens and whoever directs, the number 10 shirt will always be mine.”

“ I’d give an arm to become a team technician again.”

“ Many times they say to me ‘you are God’, and I say to them ‘you are wrong’. God is God and I am simply a football player.”

“ Messi has no personality to be a leader.”

“ My dreams are two. My first dream is to play in the World Cup and the second is to be champion of Octave and what follows in the East Championship.”

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