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You will honor your Father

I love my Father: a noble man, raised with the conviction of the word pawned. With those values that still persist among us today.

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Honrarás a tu Padre

By Maria Cabeza

It would take me many sunsets and zigzagging paths to understand why I wanted to interview my Father. Therefore, I answered myself for what: to take him with me, to be his  memory  when he loses it, his refuge in oblivion and his relief in reason.

I love my father: a noble man, raised with the conviction of the word pawned and the unalterable pride of  belonging to his land ,  Argentina .

This young Sanjuanino is an old sage who knew about adventures and illusions, disappointments and betrayals, but also about loves, fury and songs.

Roberto Cabeza is my father, son of two teachers: my grandfather Eleazar, founder of the Mosconi Industrial College, my grandmother Amelia, an example of life and a worthy goodbye. Pianists, poets, jewelers, gauchos, sogueros, university students received in life and others in faculties, my family has more than five generations of Argentines. Several of the “founding relatives” are honored in Ranchos, as my father says.

What do you remember about your parents?

My mother was a woman out of a history book. He had  tuberculosis , which was incurable at that time, and for that reason he could never kiss me or my brother.

At what age did you go in search of adventures and why?

At the age of seventeen I boarded a saiboat to Chile. I couldn't resist seeing my mother like this: they gave her the extreme uncture twice in my presence.

This man who tried to give meaning to his life, millimeter by millimeter, approaches stealthy with his words, like the fruit of the pine trees: with thorns on the outside but very sweet inside.

What was your dream as a child?

I didn't have. I just remember that I always had practical sense, since I was a kid.

How did the company start and to what do you attribute its untouched prestige after 60 years?

The company created it for the love of your mother, I was half lazy. The good name you have today is because we do the work with total accuracy. I was always a perfectionist and obsessive for doing things of excellence.

What is Argentina for you?

My dear land, the land of my ancestors.

Why were you reciting us over and over again Martín Fierro?

For me it is the  Gaucha Bible, they are nothing but truths.

“Evil is All and Good is only a Good Desire for Evil? ”

I think that good exists in noble people.

Is love an eternal tramp or does love come to stay?

In your mother's case she came to stay: I loved her and she loved me.

Why are good people sometimes unfaithful?

Because instinct surpasses the virtue of fidelity.

You're a great reader and poet. How do the distant-looking man coexist with the sensitive soul he hides?

I just felt sad and turned to poetry. Same as that wall you said I was making to protect me... it was sadness.

Do you feel lonely? When?

When I get home and I don't see your mother.

What makes you happy? What makes you sad?

Remember the past tense and live the present.

A moment in your life when you were immensely happy...

When your mother said, “I love you.”

“I like it when you shut up...”, “The brothers are united...”, “Don't give up or even give up.” I picked one, Dad.

The second, no doubt.

Is death the end of the road?

No, I think there's life after death.

Will you recite to me that poetry I liked so much as a girl?

The bird is born and with the galas

who give beauty sum

it's barely feather flower

or corsage with wings

when the ethereal rooms

cut with speed

refusing to piety

from the nest that leaves calm

and now that I have more soul

I have less freedom.

The moon is still hanging. I look at Dad and almost in a whisper I ask him “don't die without telling me where you're going.”

Dad swallows saliva and I see him walk away with that bearing so much of his.

One detail distracts me: I was smiling.

Publication Date: 28/10/2018

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By: Fernanda Cabeza 02 November, 2018

Gracias por homenajear a papá. Siempre con tu estilo tan sensible. Tu hna Fernanda.

By: Mariá Cabeza 02 November, 2018

No puedo creer que un año después, exactamente hace diez días papá haya muerto. Como una premonición, tuve el privilegio de entrevistarlo muy a su pesar y de que leyera la nota y se le dubujara un sonrisa en la cara y piantara un lágrima de amor. Gracias papá! Ahora estás con mamá, tu gran amor. Amén.

By: Shirley Correa 01 January, 2019

Cuando los prejuicios se terminan, viene la sabiduría!! Una entrevista muy oportuna sin duda. Momentos únicos. Felicitaciones María.

By: Maria Cabeza 06 January, 2019

En respuesta a

Gracias Shirley , papá falleció hace dos meses y pude honrarlo en vida. Gracias de corazón. María

By: Magdalena 24 January, 2019


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