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When the desire to learn break any barrier

In Malargüe, a young man crosses the Rio Grande with a new system of cage and pulleys, so he can deliver his tasks and keep learning.

Stories of people

With one hand in your heart: living surrounded by  the most flowing river in  Mendoza , and 275 kilometers long,  would have been the perfect excuse, for any of us, at the moment we had to justify not having delivered a task in time and form. I'd beat the famous “my dog ate all the homework” or “I forgot it in the car.” Typical phrases that we released, with little desire to learn.

 The story of Augustine 

His full name is  Agustín Vázquez, is 15 years old and he is studying high school at the 4206 Mapu Mahuida School in Bardas Blancas , a town located in the Rio Grande district of the  Malargüe Department , south of the province of Mendoza. He is the son of a young marriage and the older brother three other children. The whole family works hard in the country.  He is engaged in breeding goats  , and sometimes his children are forced to divert attention from school and dedicate it to learning about his  craft .

The school she attends operates in a shelter modality. Something that, for reasons of quarantine, could not be carried out, yet, so far this 2020. That's why, in order for the kids to keep  learning , the authorities set up the system of primers.

 Learn with primers 

Children and teenagers who go to this school  do not have good internet access.  In fact, half of them don't even have a computer.  Given the circumstances, and after making a great effort to buy a printer, the school sends, at the beginning of the month, a booklet with exercises and slogans on all subjects to all students. 

The vast majority of the boys remove the primers through the Malargüe bus terminal. But Agustín, who lives totally away from any urban spot, can't get there.

 When tourist attraction becomes imperative 

 Canopy or zip line  is an  adventure tourism  option in many destinations. However, for Augustine,  it is his means of transport.  It is his salvation to learn mathematics, physics or English, which cost him the most.

The boy  runs a kilometer on  horseback , from his house to the banks of the Rio Grande. There, you climb into a cage that hangs on a steel wire, from coast to coast.   With a new system of levers and pulleys, move forward and cross to the other side. In that place the preceptor of the school expects it. This offers you a bag with food and essential goods and primers.  

Augustine returns to his home and weeks later, he returns to complete the same feat, to deliver his tasks.

The video was viralized, reached thousands of views. But that is not Agustín's goal. He, advised by his family, has other aspirations.  He likes the country work, but he knows it has a very low roof. That is why he stands firm in his premise for learning, finishing school and  studying at university .  He confessed he'd like to be a veterinarian. But, like any child, Agustín has a dream: to know  the Bombonera.  

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Publication Date: 14/05/2020

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