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What is it like to live in the mountains and in quarantine?

We arrived to Potrerillos to know what it is like to live in the mountains and in quarantine. This is the experience of a couple who decided to do it.

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A common movement that all Mendoza make when they leave home in the mornings is that of   turn your head west. What's in the west? : the mountain. And this movement is not random, but has one goal: to contemplate the   The Andes Mountain Range   for a few seconds and see if it is snowy, especially in winter.   The response was positive during the morning of one of the first days of June. The snowy peaks majestically adorned the postcard of the City of Mendoza. Bluntly, taking advantage of the closeness,   the next day we went to Potrerillos,   the most inhabited town in our Cordillera. The goal was to know what it is like to live in the mountains and in quarantine.

The landscape is, really, imposing. Trees, streets, ditches, rivers, streams, roofs of cabins and cars covered by a natural white mantle. In the distance we saw two people walking cancinally, without a definite course. We tackled them. Here's the talk.

  Interview with two passers-by  

  This couple did what many Mendoza dreamed of from the moment the first snowfall arrived: they went to spend the confinement in a house in Potrerillos   , in the middle of nature. Mariana and Gustavo comment: “We arrived before yesterday, before snowfall.   We came to spend a few days, to take care of a house   . We took out the certificate and came to take care of my brother's house, who lives here ten years ago, but returned to town for work.”

Both regularized their work situation and went up to live on the mountain and quarantine: “There is a cat and other things to care for, and we took the house for a few days,” says Mariana, referring to her brother. “The truth is that there are no people here.   And the little there is not too much waiting to put on the cap and that   , at least that's what we noticed in the warehouse we just went to,” they say, warning that the villagers are not entirely responsible for the rules.

As for the supply, the issue is not complicated: “We saw three open suppliers, which must live here, because they are all year round. Everything is achieved, but we still brought something from below.”

About their work and the ease they had to leave everything and climb up to the mountain, they comment that “mine is not an essential activity, for the moment.   I'm working very little and I do it from here, because it's through the internet   ” says Gustavo. While Mariana confesses: “I am unoccupied. I had a job in the summer, but it ended just a week before the quarantine and then to look for hours in teaching everything was suspended,” says the music teacher.

However, nothing is forever. The mini holiday of this young couple during the quarantine is over soon:   “We're going back on the weekend. We're going to spend about 3 or 4 days, walking and contemplating   this landscape   ”.  

Publication Date: 14/06/2020

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