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What kills the virus is solidarity

In times of coronavirus, what kills him is solidarity. We tell you the story of this solidarity endeavor.

In  times of   pandemic and despair , we only get out with collective work and solidarity.  We Argentines also know about that. Although we are sometimes called as enlarged or individualists. At this opportunity, the feat is from two professionals, who decided to work  fighting the virus . A professor graduated from the  University College of Journalism  of Cordoba,  Ricardo Barrio.   And  Diego Villa    ,   a degree in Social Communication. This project is a solidarity work that combines  skills from different  disciplines to deal with the pandemic.

Ricardo is a professor of Fundamentals of Programming and serves as director  of the IES 3D Impressions Race  in Córdoba. That is why he was summoned for this venture. Their knowledge is key to the  development of  protective masks .  Diego was the visionary and who has the machines to carry out this great job.  Solidarity is the secret ingredient  that unites them in this community work.  

Diego began his  3D printing  work in 2019. His knowledge, for the time being, was scarce. He went to Ricardo's advice, friend and colleague, to blogs, pages, and trained. As a self-taught, she fulfilled her task. Today, it is  one of the benchmarks of Cordoba  with regard to these modalities of work.

 Among all 

The initiative arose by the national call of the  Argentine Chamber of 3D Printing  to print  security masks.  Diego signed up without hesitation, and summoned Ricardo to join the project. The first production was destined to the  Palliative Care Center  directed by Dr. Hernán Carranza. Diego and Ricardo say that it is a huge satisfaction to be able to help without leaving home.

They already produced a lot  of prevention and safety material for different institutions . And they continue to bring their knowledge, time and money into this aid.

It's just that solidarity is what will save us.

Images:  University College of Journalism 

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