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The Treasure Hunt

Learn how fans of “metal detecting” carry forward their particular hobby.

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La búsqueda del tesoro

The activity is growing at the pace of technology and already many spend their free time trying to find lost metal objects. From gold rings to historical coins, all a few centimeters underground.

Finding a person with a strange artifact looking for something under the earth does not seem like a very frequent picture. However, we have once seen someone, with a “device” flush to the floor, roam beaches and fields with their eyes fixed on the ground. This is an activity that is growing and there are already many fans of “metal detection”.
Cristian Fx, a finder with metal detector throughout the country, spoke about his activity as a hobby and stressed: “There are people who do it to earn money and live on it, I do it for a hobby.” The man, who claims that he spends between 4 and 8 hours trying to find something, said that he goes “to the beach or a field to detect. I'm doing it to get a little away from the routine.”

However, he clarified that it is not something that can be done anywhere. “When you search, you have to investigate places, ask for permission, locations, and walk with the detector. I've been doing this for four years,” he said. He added that when I was younger, I didn't have the opportunity to do it because it had a high cost: “Now anyone can do it, what you need to do is look for public resorts, bottom of the house, anywhere.”

With regard to the most important elements he found, Cristian recalled: “I found a copper coin from 1823, Independence was in 1816, see how old he is. Very close we find a silver coin from 1740, it was colonial, they were made in Potosi, Bolivia.” Finally, he said that, in our region, Punta Lara was a very important spa. He claimed that in that place he found gold rings: “People wore gold all the time, 25 gram rings. I took one of 18 grams, from the beginning of the 20th century, handmade. You find a lot of things, most normal are coke tin spins, aluminum lids.”

Source: Infocielo

Publication Date: 25/04/2019

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By: SiorBeniamino 01 May, 2019


By: Maximiliano Tixeyre 30 January, 2020

Hola Cual es el detector que recomendás para un principiante Hace rato que miro por youtube a procali Y me fascina el hecho que suene el detectó y ver la sorpresa Gracias Maxi

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