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To the beach, with social distance

Pablo Silva is an Argentine and developed an aerosol to mark social distancing on the beach.

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verano pandemia

This was a very difficult year for everyone. Now, more than ever, we all want (and we deserve) a little rest. Temperatures begin to rise and only one thing goes through our heads: to  escape to the  beach  . However,  the COVID-19 pandemic imposes new rules of coexistence , essential to take care of the health of all Argentines. It won't be a normal summer, but we want it to be a nice summer in spite of everything.

The Government of the province of Buenos Aires has already announced that  the 2021 season begins on December 1 . Thereafter, tourists will return to the beaches of the Atlantic Coast. But how can we ensure that we preserve the social  distance  necessary to preserve and preserve others? We are in Argentina and — luckly — here there are no shortage of creative minds that offer answers to complicated situations. Thus, Pablo Silva came up with the solution:  an aerosol to mark social distancing on the beaches. 

Does this idea sound to you? Of course, because it looks a lot like its predecessor:  the spray that is used in football matches to locate the barrier.  Its creator, of course, is Silva himself. Although both developments have different characteristics. While the one used in sports activity instantly fades, the new innovation is much more durable.

Ecological Area Demarcator

The  Ecological Area Demarcator (DEZ)  was already patented by Pablo Silva to  delimit different outdoor surfaces  and that each person is located in a safe place to enjoy the day. In this way, it seeks to add to the  protocols  that must take place on the beaches of Buenos Aires to maintain order and distance.

 DEZ is a sturdy spray suitable for any type of surface . The difference from what football referees use to mark the location of the barrier is that it  stays much longer . In addition, it is an  environmentally friendly  product and is manufactured in the country with cosmetic products authorized by ANMAT. In this way, it does not damage people's sand, sea, ozone layer or skin. Once applied, it withstands wind and rain, and is diluted with sand removal. In addition,  it can also be applied to grass, soil, ceramics, tiles and asphalt , so its use can be extended to other outdoor activities.

It  can also be done in several colors , to delimit different zones. For example, it will be possible to place a red cross in the prohibited places and a white circle where it is allowed to settle. The spray is registered and patented in the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and in Copyright.

Hopefully this and other efforts, along with the responsibility and respect of each person, will allow the summer season to be successful. Both for those who want a few days off and for all those who depend on tourism as a means of subsistence.

The protocol for summer

  • Permit to move: App Care Summer
  • Certificates to spend the day
  • No tests required No
  • minimum stays No
  • empty tents, but maximum six people
  • Umbrellas: maximum four people
  • Mandatory Barbijo provided, except for going to the sea
  • Distancing on public and private beaches
  • Each municipality shall establish quotas for accommodation
  • Common places in enclosed spaces
  • The use of swimming pools, NO changing rooms
  • No cultural or artistic activity in closed spaces
  • Only outdoor activities with capacity and social distancing

Publication Date: 16/11/2020

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