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“Being a master gardener is my vocation”

Adam Palacios Cid breaks with stereotypes and prejudices about the teaching profession. He is a master gardener and loves to teach. We tell you his story.

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Lately you hear a lot about the   patriarchy   and   social mandates imposed   . This is   the story of a man who, by vocation, chose to be a master gardener   . Activity always linked to women and that maternal role assigned to them: to the care of children at home and in the garden.

  Breaking Patriarchy  

Adam Palacios Cid began to dream of teaching during his time in high school. His entry into the Teacher Training Institute No. 6 was a complex but rewarding transition.   He had to leave the lyrics of Callejeros behind to enter “The World of the Reverse” and the fascinating stories of Maria Elena Walsh.  

It was 2017 when he made that queue to sign up at the Institute. The first reaction arose in his own home, from his mother's hand. She was strange about her son's decision and thought it might bring him future inconvenience this choice. However, nothing stopped him and “he did not get off that big wave.”

Remember that when he stood in the line of registrers for initial level, many of the people who were there told him he was not in the right place. “This is not the queue to enroll at the primary level,” they told him. In expressing to them his desire to become a master gardener, he recognizes that there were many faces of surprise.

  The feminist struggle and the struggle with oneself  

A native of Neuquén, Adam Palacios Cid acknowledges that”   thanks to the feminist struggle he was able to study what he is passionate about”   . With 26 years old,   became a master gardener and broke against all sorts of prejudices.  

However,   recognizes that the first prejudices he had, with himself   . Remember that many times   he felt fears about how he would connect with girls and boys because of their gender.   With the passage of time, those fears were disappearing. The support of her teachers and her colleagues was key in their training.   Despite being the only man in classes, he always felt content and at ease with the institution and his group of peers.  

  The first day of many others ahead  

With his uniform — a   dragon ball apron—   was presented with thousands of fears on that first day of school. Remember the fear he felt and how expectant he was about to see how the children would react when he saw him enter the room.   It wasn't even ten seconds until all the boys ran to give him that first hug.   . “Since I walked through that door, I feel like I left the prejudices and all the fears that tormented me.   In that human and sincere warmth of boys and girls, I understood that I had chosen well   “, concluded the young teacher.

The story of   Adam Palaces Cid   is another example of how one's own fears and social stigmatisations can be overcome.   There is no gender for this or that profession, nor a profession exclusively for men or women   . In this time of great social reflections,   it will be important to sit back and rethink how to build a more equitable and unprejudiced society that goes beyond any gender issue   .

Publication Date: 13/06/2020

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