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The unexpected protagonists of the Copa Sudamericana

Employees at a service station in Formosa regained the ticket that a fan forgot for the Copa Sudamericana final.

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Football for Argentines is a passion that practically everyone lives, from the place they touch. In this case, the protagonism was in two employees of a service station in Formosa. That province was the path chosen by many Santafesinos who went to Paraguay to witness the final of the Copa Sudamericana.

One of  Columbus  's fans on his way to Asunción was Mara Godoy, a fan of Columbus. But his dream of being in the final was on the limit of disappearing. The fan, between the distress that these trips have and anxiety, left the gas station and forgot her ticket. The ticket was nominated, so it was easy to know who it belonged to.

An entry to a final is a treasure, it is a small paper loaded with dreams that increases its monetary value every minute that passes and the final approaches.

But fate winked at Godoy. Its entry was found by the employees of the service station María Martínez and Vivian Cáceres. The young women did not hesitate for a second about what to do: they were barely aware of what had happened they sought  to solve  the situation.

“The lady was with a group. As soon as they left, I went to clean the table and, when I was about to throw everything away, I saw the entrance,” was the first thing Vivian Cáceres told. There were many people, many fans passed, but she was able to identify that the entrance belonged to Mara Godoy's table. “Jome that is the entrance,” Cáceres told her football enthusiast Maria Martinez.

 The search 

Started the search for Godoy, first by networks. Since they could not miss their work, Cáceres and Godoy coordinated to find out with the owner. They searched for it on Facebook and then asked other fans to help spread the information. If something girls needed was to viralize the information more strongly and the solution came into a regular client at that time. “He entered the owner of a Formosa  medium  , which is also a fan of  Columbus ,” said one of the girls at the gas station. The businessman increased the intensity of the search, but not only that, he contacted the Gendarmerie to identify Godoy at the border.

For Cáceres and Martínez it was an exciting moment, because only one situation unified solidarity, values and passion for football. On the way to the South American Cup final, not knowing that she had forgotten her entry, Mara Godoy was notified of her loss and returned to the station. All this happened in about an hour, Godoy returned and was very grateful to Cáreces and Martinez, the girls who saved her entrance.

Vivian Caceres and Maria Martinez are great companions. Vivian describes Martinez as a big football enthusiast. In addition, she awards her all the logistics on social networks to refind Godoy with the entry of the Copa Sudamericana. Both joined the  passion  that Columbus awakens accompanying and wishing luck. The station near the border has a very large confidence rating. Who has left something forgotten, if found by their employees, is a guarantee of return to its owner. Confirmed by the first protagonists of the Copa Sudamericana final, Vivian and Maria.

Publication Date: 15/11/2019

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