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The touching gesture of a nurse who went viral

The woman loaned a newborn and the tender image went viralized on social networks.

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El conmovedor gesto de una enfermera que se volvió viral

The history of this photograph is  the reflection of a  noble gesture   that deserves to be highlighted. Vanesa has been a nurse for three years in a hospital located 230 kilometers from the capital of  Santiago del Estero . What you thought would be a normal day of work ended up being one of those moments you never forget. Alerted by a phone call,  she went out with her team  to help a young woman who had given birth.

When they arrived, they met  a newborn who had not eaten for three hours because his mother was decomposed by childbirth. She, without hesitation, decided to breastfeed the child  to prevent him from suffering any complications.  The tender image quickly reached notoriety on social networks, where users highlighted Vanessa's  action  .

The story originated on a Monday morning, when  Vanesa Suarez  received a warning message at the hospital where she works as a nurse in  Sumampa.  Vanessa was informed about the birth of a little boy whose mother needed assistance in the Slaughterhouse neighborhood. This was how he left with his partner, another nurse, to help the woman.

When they arrived at the apartment they found the young woman and the newborn child. The woman was decomposed and  the baby still kept the umbilical cord and placenta . As the mother of the child had not had any control, they contacted a doctor, who suggested that they both be transferred to the hospital of Ojo de Agua, where they would perform the necessary ones to avoid any kind of infection.

The nurses tried to get the mother to feed her baby, but she was very weakened by childbirth. However, the child needed to eat because several hours had already passed since birth.  The baby had been almost three hours and had not yet tasted breast milk. At that time, they also didn't have a bottle to replace it. That  's when Vanessa's maternal instinct came to light.  He did not hesitate to suggest to the doctor that she could breastfeed the little one, as he had a one-year-old child who was still breast-feeding.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Concerned about the baby's sugar being lowered, the nurse did not hesitate to take off the suit she had worn as part of the COVID-19 health protocol and began feeding the child.  One of those present managed to take a photograph of Vanessa and quickly spread through social networks. 

Vanessa said that she has been working for more than three years and that  it was the first time she attended an event of this magnitude.  No matter if the photograph transcended or took notoriety, she acted with her heart in her hand, without thinking too much, because she knew that the newborn had spent three hours without sucking and only intended to protect the health of the baby. 

On social networks, Vanessa's  solidarity  was celebrated, who said she was grateful for having been able to settle with that family. Consulted by the mother of the child and the child, she said that, fortunately, they are in perfect health.

Publication Date: 25/09/2020

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