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The strength of the heart

In San Francisco Solano (Buenos Aires), Stella Maris founded more than 20 years ago her community dining room “La fuerza del corazón”. Meet her.

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That your ultimate dream is to be able to help others always, whatever happens is — perhaps — what defines a good person. Stella Maris Barbatto founded, more than two decades ago, a community dining room in the courtyard of her home inSan Francisco Solano , south of the city of Buenos Aires. There it prepares food for more than 300 people and provides school support to the children in the neighborhood. To keep everything going, sleep less than 5 hours and put everything in this project.

Stella Maris is 67 years old and a grandmother. He gets up at 5 in the morning for cooking and lies down near the Midnight. All his day he dedicates to helping others: he is the support of a lot people from the neighborhood. In the beginning, his barbecue functioned as a dining room: There people came every day and took turns so they could sit down and eat. The place was small and decided to change the mode: now, at 8 o'clock in the morning, they arrive more than 300 people to receive their food and take them to eat in family.

But they don't just offer them food for all day long - they also provide them with containment. They're given support classes there. school children, teach how to paint mandalas, recycle and lend their ears to anyone who needs it.

In his dining room, “La fuerza del corazón”, there is currently a vegetable garden on a land loaned by a train company and a football field that they lend to one of the schools in the neighborhood. There, every day, Stella Maris and the volunteers who accompany her take care of making the world a better place.

Publication Date: 24/12/2019

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