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The story is told by the memes

In this special note we tell you the universal story in memes... or tell you who tells you about it. Click here to find out.

Stories of people
La historia la cuentan los memes

 “ The story is written by those who win,”  says a popular saying that really has enough. But, on this occasion, a  teacher with a high career modifies it a little bit. Because, for Florence Plomer,  “history is written by memes.”  What do you say?

We are not surprised at this stage by  the creativity of the Cordovan personalities.  We have the imagination of the skin, and this historian proves it. She is a  young Cordovan who, at 31 years old, is an official producer of memes illustrative of history.   “ Pupina”  makes use of networks in a very particular way: it  discloses humorous content under the formula currently known as “memes” ,  to give   know much of our history.

This professional,  graduated from the National University of Córdoba,  is one of the protagonists of the  Ephemerides cycle.  Through which content related to national and international history are shared, in a very special way. Plomer  found the exact channel  to attract the  centennial  audience and train them on historical issues. Because one of the most effective ways of teaching is  listening to students and their interests.  Thus, Florence managed to visualize what are the media that young people use today, and  adapted all content to their forms.   A goal! This scholar used all her creativity to  develop a new pedagogical tool  that is not only a novelty, but a success.

Memis teaching

 “ The boys were recoped and it was a pedagogical find. It served as a tool. Since cell phones weren't what they are now, the students printed the images,”  Florence tells the media.In a  simple, effective and funny way,  he manages to capture the attention of his audience and  teach historical processes.  On her Instagram account ( @pupinaplomer ), “Pupina” gathers  10,800 followers , and that also spreads her content through the  FiloNews channel and other networks  .  He's a star  of history and networks.  In addition to being i nfluencer  ,  he is    a professor attached  to the School of History of the Faculty Philosophy and Humanities of the UNC.

Democratization of knowledge

The main idea of this historian is   to “make content accessible  and democratize knowledge.”   A political stance that has unparalleled value when it comes to youth education and training.  In its networks, Plomer conducts trivias, surveys and disseminates  creative and informative content.  This makes their work dynamic and young people can generate a particular interest in history.

One of the axes that makes the content it diffuses more interesting is its  feminist approach . An approach that today is necessary  to review toooda history.  Because if “  history is written by those who  win,” and those who command,  women were never figured.  “ Most  national figures are white men.  The processes, as the story tells, are led by these men. However, current historiographic trends regain the role of women,” says Plomer.

 This scholar, researcher, teacher, academic, ingenious  and  talented woman  says that continuing to frequent the corridors of the faculty is indispensable for her.  “ The advantage I have is that I never moved away from the realm that produces knowledge. Gender studies have now gained ground, but they date back for many years. So if I'm going to address a particular process, I can get in touch with sources that talk about women's participation.” 

Always under a feminist gaze, brings us  the best content, reviewed and updated.  Not only does he shape us, but he informs us, and also makes us  kill with laughter.  Flor is the pride of the FFyH.

Applause for her!

Publication Date: 07/09/2020

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