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The sad end of a calesita

A little street from the Santafesina city of Funes is on the verge of disappearance, because of the COVID-19 crisis.

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Once a village, with more than one name, since 1991, Funes is a city in Santa Fe. Very nice and quiet, it is  only 15 kilometers from the great Rosario  (in fact, it is part of the Gran Rosario). Its central square, San José, has a beautiful  little street . Not long ago he's been there. And, probably, he doesn't have much time left to live. With the quarantine, his field hasn't started working yet. Desperate, its owner decided  to sell the horses. Each cost $30,000. 

Sergio Dalmaso is part of the third  generation  of  a Rosarina family that has been dedicated to the manufacture of calesitas for the whole country for over 50 years  . Funes was looking for her to live. But the coronavirus pandemic came and it changed everything, like almost everyone. Closed the carousel since March and without a specific horizon, he decided to start disassembling the precious family work.

It hurts, these days, to observe the colorful children's structure crossed by the danger ribbons so that children passing by are not tempted to get on horses, elephants,  dragons  and autitos.

Sergio's case became famous and his testimony was heard on radio and television programs: “ I'm disarming the carousels so I can  eat  . All my savings are gone. We have no way to go on. It's the only way to try to hold for at least a month or two more months

With the pain of the family, and his own father “calesitero” who still accompanies him, Sergio went to disarm the bargain in parts  to see if he can hold the business . It has five separate horses, which are being offered on social networks. So far he sold only one, to some  Cordobeses .

 Why do some come back and others don't? 

“I think that with a protocol you could open this kind of  outdoor games,” said Sergio in one of the interviews. And he said that “ if they could open the popular fairs, why can't we do it .” His discomfort passes through how his category was ignored by the regulations of the quarantine. “We see that the parks already have circulation, there are fairs, stalls selling pochoclos and food, bars, but nobody asked us if we wanted to open. This is a very small business, we are very few who left and that's why I think  they haven't taken us into account ,” he said.

With all the move that was generated around Sergio's calesita, he himself acknowledged that there is the possibility, although there is nothing in particular, of obtaining a  subsidy . However, he clarified: “We have to fight for reopening. I  think subsidies are useless . In fact, I was always against public spending. Now I can't aspire to be subsidized all my life.”

Looking for something positive in this sad story, Dalmasso says that the  best thing he discovered within this bad moment is the  solidarity  of the people .“When they found out what was happening to me a lot of people communicated with me, he tried to lend a hand, the truth is that I am very grateful. Faced with such desperation to hear that there are people who are willing to help you for nothing, gives you the strength to continue.”

 Hopefully we soon find out that the little  street in Funes is  still standing . I hope Sergio Dalmaso keeps the source of income for his family. Hopefully, one day, all this we're living is in a sad  story  to remember and never repeat again.

Publication Date: 16/07/2020

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