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The quarantine of the Lord Maria

Education in quarantine: the inspiring story of the “Lord” Maria, the rural teacher who leaves students the tasks hung in the barquera.

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The   main ally   that we have to cope with the quarantine is undoubtedly i   nternet   . We use it to keep us in shape, to have fun, to work. Specifically in the area of education,   students stay active   studying and doing homework online and teachers, teaching online. But not all - this is the story of the “Lord” Mary.

The slogan of staying at home can be bearable for those who live in the city and were blessed with a good pass. Throughout our country there are   thousands of people who don't have it so easy   . In addition to the villas and rancheríos where staying at home is a hell, there is the case of rural places, where the internet does not exist. Thousands of boys are forced to a long vacation and not be able to advance their educational trajectory. This is where, in remote parts of Argentina, many anonymous heroes emerge. With   the teaching vocation to flor de piel,   teachers and teachers make their best to offer their students. That of Seño María, a rural teacher Arroyo del Monje, is one of those inspiring stories.

María Caballero lives in Maciel, is a teacher and works at the Centro Educativo Rural 303 Antonio Arenales. At home, Maria prepares weekly booklets with activities so that children can   work from their homes   . Twice a week, it passes through the homes of its 20 students who, like in any rural school, go from first to seventh grade. Leave the activities in the tranqueras and, a few days later, move on to remove the bags with the task done by each child. Then he corrects at home, and begins the next cycle.

  Different realities  

If we were not in quarantine, the day-to-day classes in the place develops as you can. Ediliciously, with the support of the small community,   school conditions are quite acceptable   . The signors (another teacher is in charge of the Initial Level and a third of the kitchen and hygiene) keep the establishment very clean and tidy.   But it's all very basic   : they have computers, but they don't have the internet. And all the children share a single bathroom with the teachers.

Arroyo del Monje families   they love the Lord Maria very much.   . The children who receive chores in sachets in the pancake, surely, will never forget about that teacher who was completely provided to keep education alive in difficult times.

Publication Date: 03/05/2020

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