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The puppy of the thousand looks

In the pedestrian cordovan there is a dog that is legend. This is Firulais, who is adored and adorned by his cartonero owner when he goes to work around the city.

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 Firulais and its owner  are recognizable to the league. There is  no  dog  in the world as hot as he  is, and there is no cartonero that expresses so much love for his  canine companion.  For the Cordovan people who frequent the city center,  this duo is famous.  If you walk, at any time, along the pedestrian ones, yes or yes you will cross these  characters .

The postcard of the cart carried by its cartonero owner, with Firulais in charge wearing a  particular outfit for every day , but always with sunglasses, is typical. Almost a tradition of Cordoba Capital. The black and white dog perches  on the tip  of his majestic car, and stays still while his human does  the work every day.  Obviously, he receives the best compliments and pampering from all citizens.  It is a rage in the networks and loved by everyone. 

 The beginnings of the dynamic duo 

Its owner works all year round. In cold or hot times, in difficult times or in the quieter, he goes out with his companion bichuno to  explore the city in search of cardboard.  The history of this dynamic duo begins about 5 years ago. Firulais was wounded by a crash, cut off, and he couldn't walk. And this man, dog-loving and sensitive,  became a  hero .  He found him and took him home, to heal him little by little. He made the appropriate consultations with the veterinarian and, out of his own pocket, he took the money  to keep Firulais alive.  What neither of us knew was that that would be a  hinged moment in their lives. Since they would find each other, a confidant  friend, loyal and faithful . Little by little this puppy was recovering, and so it was that they became  best friends and companions of wanders.  Today they are  the most popular duo in the central area of Cordoba.  Those who see them for the first time  take pictures  and take memories and, therefore, they are  the kings of the networks. 

This Cordovan, with his little action, managed  to save the life of a puppy  and brighten the life of pedestrians every day. Because that's the way we are, we always go ahead  with humor and make every situation cool . This laburant of the streets found a motivation in  Firulais  . Those who know them find in them  the joy of living. 

 The puppy of the thousand looks 

 But they don't just go out to cartoning together.  Every day, it's a new opportunity to show off a   cool look  .  Firulais is wearing sunglasses, always. But sometimes she wears  a T-shirt from the “T” or  Boca .  It depends on the day, she's changing her outfit.But never as a team, since its owner is a  lover of football and these two great teams.  In winter days, when the cold burns, its owner shelters it well. Sometimes he even gets to have caps.

This dog is a  Cordovan star,  and he knows it. He travels in the wagon of his owner,  static like an English master  , looks like a statue. It behaves super well: no complaints, no barking, no slipping.  A real model of canine fashion.  In the world of Cordoba dogs, he is sure to be the most galan and he wins the heart of all his fellow bugs.  If you even win the hearts of all of us! 

 This  pair  makes everyday life cool,  making unique postcards that bring out a smile even the most distracted. Because watching them walk the streets together and working as a team is a  goal.  Postcards in which they are protagonists are impregnated with sympathy and joy.

It is that it is the  most fachero dog in Córdoba  with its owner, which is the most good vibes.

Publication Date: 31/07/2020

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