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“The mountain makes us more human”

Entrerriana Claudia Kerke first stepped on a mountain at the age of 35 and, since then, has not stopped climbing them. Here, your story.

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Claudia Kerke was born in  Hernández , province of  Entre  R  íos , a place with a landscape far from being hilly. Thus, the 48-year-old social worker lived almost all her life away from the high mountain world. Ropes, canes, backpack, carabiner and pegs were not part of his usual clothing.

 Sometimes the mountain goes to Muhammad 

One day, the entrerriana first stepped on a mountain at the age of 35. The funny thing is that it was not the product of intentional desire, but the result of necessity. In this case, the mountain went in search of Claudia. It ran in 2006 and entrerriana was carrying out a social volunteer exchange in Guatemala. In that country,  Claudia had to contribute manpower in a sustainable agriculture project to the communities in the hills. The bad news is that these people lived above two thousand meters and the only way to get there was walking . In this way, the unexpected and inseparable relationship between Claudia Kerke and the mountain began.

Every day, for three and a half months, the entrerriana walked two to three hours back, and two and three hours back. It was at that time that he began to take the gustito to the mountain. When she returned to our country, the Argentine mountains were waiting for her. And, naturally, he climbed them.

 The mountain as life itself 

The first mountain that Claudia climbed was Cerro Champaquí, in the province of Córdoba. His last was above five thousand meters. In Pico Austria and Mirador Condoriri, within the Condoriri National Park, in Bolivia. In the middle, he summit in the imposing Kilimanjaro, in Africa.

 The entrerriana mountaineer shares what it means for her to climb a mountain . “When walking along the mountain the sensations are unique, unrepeatable and very personal. As one advances emotions and feelings are full of skin. It is a place of much introspection, where only one could take the next step to keep moving forward,” says Kerke. “It's a place where you always cross with more people and end up taking a mate with them. It seems that you've known yourself all your life,” adds entrerriana. “The mountain makes us more human, makes us simpler, the comfort zone disappears completely.  The mountain is like life itself, living the here and now, enjoy the moment and move on . It is not an easy exercise in a society where everything has to happen instantly. The mountain has its own times,” says Claudia.

Publication Date: 25/06/2020

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