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The Messi of candles

If you need to buy candles, Rosario sells them the best: Leo Messi, obvious.

In 2015, the Spanish film genius Alex de la Iglesia released his film called   Messi  . The double of the star rosarino in the film is also native to the main city of Santa Fe. His name is Juan Tomas Martin. They tell him Juanto and for years he could say that he “works of being Messi.”  Today, he sells candles, incense and figurines.  Yes. He attends a santeria.

The image, you have to say, is very crazy: you go in to buy a print and Messi serves you at the counter. But let's see how this frustrated actor came to sell candles.

Before he was called from a casting agency,  Juanto didn't have much idea about Alex de la Iglesia.  When he went to the test he was told it was to make Messi's father when the star was a child. He was given a small script and by his own decision he shot the scene twice. He returned to Rosario to wait for the  answer . When he arrived, he came with surprise: he would not play the role of Jorge Messi, because he “gave too young,” but the casting had impressed the producers of the documentary. They called him back and, after the evaluation, asked him to imitate the footballer. It was not difficult, at that point he had studied the words, the voice, the tics, the pauses, even the words . He convinced them. And someone told him that, despite not being planned, they would make a final scene with their participation doubling Messi . I had to go into the bar where some were talking and say hello to everyone. And that's what he shot in two days.

Time passed, and  Juanto's acting career did not thrive . He couldn't get much more juice out of his resemblance to the  best in the world.  So we come to the other story, that of Messi that sells candles.

 The best variety in candles 

 Remember bar was one of those everyone remembers, in Rosario . His time of glory had passed a while ago, but the economic crisis led him to close not so long ago. From the bar  there is only the bar that serves as a counter for a santeria , and Messi serves it. Yes. In front of one of the three largest wholesalers of aromatic items, candles and sahumerios in the city is Juan Tomás Martín,  this 40-year-old boy who “doubled” Leo  for Alex de la Iglesia.

Juanto and his brother Marcos, have been  in a field that always grew up with crises several years ago. He did it by the hand of healers and therapists holistic and from the most varied range, as well as people seeking revenge or instant evil, by candlelight. It is precisely this specific segment that, even if you don't imagine it,  has a large market spectrum .The one that comes out most is the “white”, color that adds to all colors and the whole range of holiness. Some say it's by the  Holy Spirit .There are also the “scissor candles”, which are lit to cut the bad wave. Those that simulate a skull, which can be chosen both to scude bad thoughts and to make it go well on an exam. There are those with the shape of a heart, which help or hurt in love. Tremendous... and there is more: the toads, to shut up the talk, and the Adam and Eve, for erotic unions.  There is no one that can offer you all that variety, but Messi de Rosario himself . Sure, the one who stayed in Rosario.

Rating: 0/5.