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The hero returns home

Cristina starred in an event that constituted an international and historical conquest that has no record in the country.

Today we want to tell you the story of a woman, who is also part of the story of all Argentines. After 36 years of struggle, María Cristina Scavarda managed to bring home the remains of her husband, Luis Castagnari, one of our Malvinas heroes. Thus, she was able to fulfill the promise she had made to her husband in 1982, before he left for war: that if she fell into combat, her remains would rest next to those of her son Gustavito.
First Lieutenant of the Air Force (post mortem captain) Luis Darío José Castagnari was killed in a fierce British bombing of Puerto Argentino while trying to protect his men. Today, finally, he rests in peace in the city of Río Cuarto, Córdoba, with his son, who had died very little victim of an illness. Cristina and Luis had four more children, who accompanied their mother in this long process that finally had a well-deserved happy ending.

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