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Lucero's dream

Lucero Zavaleta is 13 years old and a dream: to integrate the stable ballet of Teatro Colón. To fulfill it, he left Santiago del Estero and part of his family.

 Dreams are fulfilled . It looks like a phrase made out of a self-help book, but it's the pure truth. Dreams are fulfilled, but not by magic. They are met with work, with effort, perhaps with disappointments. At 13,  Lucero Zavaleta  knows it better than anyone else. A few months ago,  she was chosen among 1000 girls  to train at   Teatro Colón   . Lucero's dream is clear: she wants to be a  dancer .

But the path that led her to absolute happiness that today inhabits it was very difficult. For her and her family.  Lucero was born in Santiago del Estero , and he planned to stay there. She had been taking  ballet  lessons for a year and a half, and that was what she was most passionate about. One day, a beautiful opportunity knocked on his door: Alejandro Tulio Totto, former first dancer at Teatro Colón, told his parents that the girl had conditions to be a professional dancer. And she recommended something: take her to   Buenos Aires   as soon as possible. His family didn't know that city, nor had plans to do so. But since that moment, the life of the Zavaletas changed.

The road to a dream

Economic issues were the first difficulty. Getting an apartment so they could live in the Federal Capital wasn't easy. But in addition,  the family must have separated.  Lucero traveled to Buenos Aires accompanied by Nora, his mother. The rest stayed in Santiago: Hugo, his father; Micaela and Martin, his brothers; and Bruno, Lucero's little nephew.