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In June, Esther Isarria saw her house set on fire. But the solidarity of her neighbors saved her.

In a minute you can change your life, and Esther Isarria knows it very well. In June, he saw 20 years of sacrifice collapsed in just 20 minutes before his eyes. His house, in the town of Los Cardales ( Buenos Aires ), was set on fire. But something saved her: the  solidarity  of her neighbors, who helped her from the material and from the emotional.

One  Saturday  afternoon in June, Ester went out shopping for a few minutes. His two children, aged 18 and 28, were in his house. When he came back, his house was hidden behind the smoke and the  firefighters  were already working. He lost everything: the walls of the  living room  broke, all the plasters fell out, the windows on the upper floor were bent, the floor was raised, the  bath  that he had done again two months earlier was destroyed. Experts said the house was uninhabitable because of the danger of collapse.

But, right away, the help of the neighbors came. Clothes, furniture, appliances, everything needed so that she could reassemble her life. To buy her house, Ester had worked in factories, in maintenance, as a domestic maid, as a nanny, but she wanted to specialize in a trade: no one hired her without full secondary education. He finished  high school  at age 35 in a  night school . Then he studied nursing and, three years later, was received.

Working overtime, today he's rebuilding, little by little, his house. But one morning is left off to give back all the help he received. That's the way he found to thank for the containment they gave him when he needed it most. It offers free nursing service for those who need it and cannot afford it. Because everything that goes, come back.

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