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Teaching yoga to combat COVID-19

Learn about the story of Luis, a sanjuanino who teaches free yoga to help people suffering from coronavirus.

Stories of people

In difficult times, many showed their  most supportive side  and  offered their bit to help those who go through hard times because of the coronavirus . Luis's case is a clear example, a 55-year-old  yoga  teacher who decided to provide his services free of charge and provides classes for risk groups. This helps to deal with the fear or concerns you may have about Sars Cov2.

Through this action, Luis seeks to improve the quality of life of those who practice it through a  millennial and spiritual technique that connects body, breath and mind through different physical postures . Even, there are many  health professionals  who assure that taking yoga classes in the current context is a way to calm the high levels of stress caused by fear, social isolation and demeanor.aacute; s.

 Luis began to interest you in yoga at age 35, when he was diagnosed with diabetes.  That news was something he had difficulty accepting, and from that moment on, he sought refuge in Nancy, his wife, and yoga. Luis revealed the complicated process he went through to understand that he had to live with that disease all his life.

It was yoga that allowed him to seek a  spiritual balance  and leave behind everything negative to give way to greater well-being. For this reason, for five years he is a teacher of this discipline and  his greatest satisfaction is to be able to hear his students say that yoga improved their lives. 

Times of pandemic, times of solidarity...

Luis's disease was what prompted him to generate a  solidari project or in the middle of the pandemic. Motivated by his great improvement since he was diagnosed with diabetes, he decided to collaborate with those members of the high-risk groups , understanding the emotional process that many of them live out of fear of contracting coronavirus.

For Luis fear is the main cause of damage to all our organs and worsens diabetes. Consider that the virus originated in Wuhan is something we're going to have to live with for at least a few years. This  is why it is necessary to acquire the tools that allow this coexistence to be in harmony  and offer the means so that these people do not feel paralyzed and return to normal their lives.

During the classes different stimulation exercises are performed that favor the improvement in the functioning of the pancreas, heart, arteries, as well as reforming the circulatory system. The good news is that anyone can practice it, since no previous experience is needed, just a lot of desire to connect with one's own body. The truth is that there are some positions that require some practice, but in the beginning it is taught about all the basics and then improve.Luis comments that  even sitting in a chair you can do yoga, you just need to cheer up and look to feel and be better.  

Those who are interested in joining Luis's classes should approach the Narayani Education Center, which is located between General Paz and Sarmiento streets in Santa Lucia. At the moment only a quota of 12 people is received and classes will be held only on Fridays.  To attend, the protocols established by the health authorities must be respected and complied with, such as mandatory use of mouth covers, distancing, carrying their own bottles of water and alcohol gel.

Publication Date: 12/01/2021

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By: Clau Pas 13 February, 2021

Es un capo Luis d dar clase gratis d yoga!!! 👏👏👏

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