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Stories that inspire: women of the digital age

We tell you the life stories of two women who are inspiring and were selected by Telecom to spread their experiences.

Stories of people
 mujeres de la era digital

 Telecom telephony company started a training program called Digit @lers that was held in Cordoba.  As part of this meeting,  they inaugurated a section  called  “stories that inspire” , seeking  to spread some life stories.  This is a cycle of talks that aims to  awaken new digital vocations and open paths in the field of technology.  In this framework, María Vallejos and Laura Mercado were selected to share their creations. These two  women, Cordoba and young,   inspire everyone to  grow up and fight for their dreams.

The story of Mary

 Maria is only 22 years old  and  began her journey  in the world of technology with low resources.  Little by little, he became  self-taught and acquiring knowledge  that many of his relatives did not have, because of the few possibilities that the context provided them. She is currently a  trainer in Acámica, but before she was part of the staff of Arbusta, a company that trusted the young woman's skills and bet on her growth.  Because, without opportunities, it's hard to succeed.  Mary took advantage of all these occasions and went up little by little. It started as a  tester,  not knowing absolutely anything about technology.  Today, he tells the media  that  in its beginnings he did not know how to differentiate hardware from software.  However, she became a  tester leader, project manager,  technical leader, until she became what she is today:  a technology professional.  With all her knowledge and experience, Mary transforms the lives of those who cross her journey by  providing them with the necessary tools for their performance at work. Generating with their intervention,  accompaniment and inclusion. Her role becomes fundamental, since Mary understands the conditions in which her students live. And so you can instruct them and teach them about new technologies. Currently, she is defined as a  technology professional, since her long career, at such a young age, gave her all the necessary experience.

The story of Laura

 On the other hand, Laura Mercado's history and technology starts 3 years ago.  Today, Laura is 34 years old and came to the digital world in the midst  of a crisis of profession and health.  Laura was studying languages at college, when she was detected a kidney problem. He knew he could not study any more for economic issues related to his diagnosis.  So, with claw and heart, Laura found herself throwing CV and desperately looking for work.  By magic,  and those friendly hands that always save us,  a friend invited her to work on an  app  that combined everything she was passionate about. He went to work on Linguoo, a platform that provides audio-texts.  It has an army of speakers and storytellers that provide all kinds of content  to people with low vision.  The main advantage and differentiation of this  app  is that the voice that reads articles or books  is human and not robotic. 

Laura started as a  content and text editor, but her capabilities led her to more  , and she was proposed to handle  the app's back,  that is, the daily operation.  And she accepted the challenge.   But it didn't catch him alone with that . He wanted to go for more and began to do different  courses in Java management, web design, Django, all to fully understand the language of the web.  Laura says that it is not as difficult as one thinks, but it's about getting doubts and practice. In addition, he says that creativity is a key factor to be able to develop in the digital world. That was the way  Laura traveled to get  where she is today: she  is a digital entrepreneur and teaches courses with tools for children in this era.  But, in addition, it was encouraged to launch  a web platform where it facilitates different jobs to those who are in the search. 

Duo of Heroines

So  these two inspiring women found their way into the world of technology and today they decide to share it with the people who need it.  Their starting points were just as complicated, with difficult economic situations and little access to new tools. However,  by the opportunities  of some companies and entrepreneurial spirits,  they managed to become professionals of the digital age. 

Applause for them!

Publication Date: 20/11/2020

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