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Solidarity doctors squared

They don't just risk their health to save others. Mendoza doctors left their families to live in isolation and not to spread them if they become infected.

The  applause  heard from the houses and  balconies  throughout Argentina is not in vain and is totally justified.  Doctors are definitely the great heroes of the fight against coronavirus. And if the sacrifice of getting into a hospital every day, at risk of contagion, was not enough, a group of Mendoza doctors decided to isolate themselves in an apartment.  Only in a preventive way. Thus, if anyone gets infected at work, they will not transmit the virus to family members or within their home.

The professionals settled in the apartment that an acquaintance provided them.  They do not charge rent and only take care of the expenses . One of the doctors in question left his home where he lived with his wife and children. The other one, he was doing it with his parents.

Both met while studying and later shared residences. This year they became two of the millions of doctors in the world who attend coronavirus patients. Both are in what is considered first line. They work in the  COVID-19  ward of the Central Hospital. So life is difficult. Contact  with relatives   do only through the window of their homes, looking at their loved ones in the distance.  

For cases like this is that we must respect quarantine. It's not a whim, it's the main weapon we have to fight coronavirus. There are people like doctors, police, public transport drivers and many others who would like to be able to stay in their homes, without risking every day.  And you, you're in the comfort of your armchair, are you going out? The economy will march, to the tombs, as always in our country. But if life is lost, it won't march again. 

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