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Sleeping Beauty and an unexpected twist

We tell you the story of this 6-year-old girl who, with the creativity and courage of childhood, gives an unexpected twist to the classic story of Sleeping Beauty.

There is no doubt that the revolution of the daughters came to stay. This story is proof that the world is changing.And that reality gives unexpected twists . Like the classic tale that reverted this 6-year-old girl for a school assignment. It is the story of Sleeping Beauty, a classic written by Charles Perrault, first publishedin 1634.This story had its version in Disney in 1959, being the company's sixteenth animated feature . And it forms one of the most famous stories of the cultural heritage of children of all generations.

However, these stories that marked our collective imaginaryare questionable. For many retain and proclaim archaic ideals about societies very different from the current one. In the case of Sleeping Beauty, for example, history is destined for 17th century society. In the original tale, Princess Aurora wakes up from a very long nap, thanks to the kiss of “her true love”, Prince Philip. But Agostina, like many other girls and women, this ending makes a noise.It doesn't seem appropriate for a man to wake up a woman with a kiss, without consent . So he adhered to the slogan of his task and decided to give it an unexpected turn that generated a revolution in the networks.

From the beginning to the end

But before we tell you the end of the story, we'll tell you the beginning. Agostina is only 6 years old, she is from Alta Gracia (Córdoba) and has her clearer than anyone. He turned the world around with hisnew version of the classic, which was barely broadcast by his mom through a tweet, was shared by thousands of people.Agos's mother recounts that this unexpected turn arises from a task of the subject of Integral Sexual Education. This is another subject, dictated in his school in the province of Córdoba . It is the discipline where children are taught about consent and abuse identification.A very important tool to care for the little ones.

In addition, the author of this end grew (and continues to grow) in an area where everything is spoken.His mom and dad teach him about caring for his intimate parts . They teach her to say “no” and not allow anyone to do something she doesn't want. Also, at such a young age, Agos knows that he should not keep any secret that would upset her or make her feel bad. And he is well aware of what the word consent means. His creations demonstrate this:

“ The princess wakes up upon being kissed by the prince and gets angry and kicks him out, for no one has to kiss anyone without his consent,”the girl wrote in the task. “ Who are you and why are you kissing me?”, says Aurora in the revolutionary version of the story. This unexpected turn shows us that consentcan be learned from children and that the culture of violation, too . Agostina with her creation gives us a lesson and shows us that, in this new society, princesses are not saved by princes. Less than less, abused. Princesses and women have a voice that must be heard, a voice that knows how to say no. Agos decided to transform history to modify reality, and he succeeded. The remake of Sleeping Beauty reached thousands of people through the networks.

Not everything is lost

Finals like the story of Agostina, leave us thinking and show us that the world is really changing. That, within a society that preserves patriarchal values and questionable traditions, there is a new generation that came to question everything. And that's what it's all about . Never stay in comfort, constantly reinvent ourselves, adapt ourselves, learn, listen and respect.

Did the new version of Sleeping Beauty come to stay?

Rating: 1.00/5.