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Science and gender inclusiveness: bird watching in La Pampa

Learn about the particular history of the Santarroseñas Julieta and Aimará; fond of birds, they launch their ornithology project based on the inclusiveness of gender and identities.

Ornithology is the branch of zoology that studies birds, usually in their natural habitat. Juliet and Aimará started this practice  from the amateur place, but this Saturday, October 31, they will take a step further: they call women and dissidents  to approach the Don Tomás lagoon at 17. “The idea is to make it a  comfortable, safe and  horizontal. We do not have the last word of anything, nor do we want to monopolize knowledge. The information is versatile, because birds are very versatile,” they say.

Although the lagoon where this weekend's call is made has reeds, mountains and other ecosystems, they  choose the aquatic environment: “The variety of species in this environment is infinite,  but the remarkable thing is that at this time there are a  number of migratory birds that are not seen in the rest of the year ”. You can see the females of the red duck (an internal migrant par excellence in our country), swallows and churrinches, among many others

Julieta and Aimará explain that the project still has no name because, if we can continue, “ we would like not to stay alone in bird-watching . At the national level there is a  myth that nothing happens in La Pampa and we want to break with that , without ceasing to be based on the fact that feminism is a transversal movement to any discipline.”

Birding has given both women the opportunity to travel throughout the country and  one of its objectives is to promote, horizontally, this activity.  Humbly, but with an inflated chest, they comment: “We don't have information about a call like this in the province;  we would be about to set a precedent and the inclusive form is fundamental to this  .”

When talking about inspirations and impulses, Juliet and Aimara cite COAF (Collective of Feminist Bird Observers). The group from Buenos Aires has extended the field of study beyond birds and generate various activities related to naturalist perspectives. “COAF is inspiration because we are aware that, as in any field,  women, their jobs and contributions are less recognized than those of men, and ornithology is no exception,”  they say.

In addition to learning about a generally ignored world like that of birds,  the activity will involve a walk around the lagoon, in silence and harmony with nature.  At the end, a “bird circle” will open in which records and conclusions drawn along the route will be shared.

It is not necessary to have prior knowledge and to those who do not have binoculars, of course they will be shared with them. Juliet and Aimara recommend  wearing comfortable clothes, water, repellent and eager to walk and learn. 

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