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Ruben López: the most centerous Cordovan of all

Ruben Lopez delights us all with stories of not telling, 20 years ago. In honor of all the whispered secrets, we tell you who he is.

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The most quentero Cordovan is called  Rubén López . He is part of a group called Venique Tecuento. And he keeps thousands of stories in his memory. The good thing is he doesn't keep them all for him. Luckily, he's been  sharing us unmissable narrations .

In tribute to all the times he conveyed sensations to us with his narrations, we want to talk about him. An ordinary man from the city of Córdoba who entered the world of narrative and until this day did not stop telling. In every encounter, Ruben spreads with his voice,  endless stories . Sad, happy, horror and  love stories. With sweetness and patience, the most centerous of all Cordobese draws us with words,  parallel worlds .

And that's what you have to be the most centerous...

In the spaces where he takes the floor, thousands of senses and emotions converge. We get alert and let our guard down, get excited and angry. Of  all a little  we feel with the characters and stories that this artist of the word teaches us. When Ruben whispers, thousands of hopeful eyes and standing ears peek out everywhere. Ruben Lopez  wakes us up the inner child  and takes him out to play. Invite big boys and boys to participate. And he's not just a narrator. Rubén is a landscape designer of parallel worlds, spokesman of great characters, painter of other imaginations, magician of the word and sorcerer of emotion. Ruben is much more than just a little bit.

 I came that tell you 

The  Venique  T  equento  group has twenty years of experience. Rubén and his colleagues invite everyone who wants to share unique experiences and trips. And in turn, they push us to count. It is a set of storytellers that are found on the first Fridays of each month, in different spaces. The meeting consists of gathering people wanting to count and people wanting to listen. Mouths with many voices and ears that awaken all the senses, gather in the evenings to share. The storytellers are many, and the activities are too. The Venique Tecuento is just one of the forms that the narrative takes. Among the narrators of the Venique are Alejandra Oliver Gulle,  Sole Rebelles  and many other personalities. The round is open to all voices who want to scream, sing or whispering stories. And the ways of listening, there are many...

Thank you, Ruben! Thank you, storytellers and storytellers! For  awakening our passion   to listen  and teach us the art of narrating.

Publication Date: 24/11/2019

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By: Laura B.C. 26 November, 2019

Hermosa nota! Hermosa persona! Rubén es un gran artista , es formador, narrador y conocedor de historias de toda clase, que comparte y acompaña con música, cuerpo y alma. Inspira! Felicidades y cariños veinteañero!

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