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Recycling people

This young entrerriana takes on the task of “recycling people” to improve the quality of life of those who live from a garbage dump in Paraná.

Anabella Albornoz is a young Entrerriana who dedicates her life to giving hope to other people abandoned by society. It could be said that Anabella's task is a way of recycling people. The woman, 41 years ago, visited the Volcadero of Paraná, an open pit dump.

There he found people who lived in the garbage dump, eating from the remains that others dispose of, with the dangers to which they are exposed. They live there, in the middle of the garbage, eat from there, if they're lucky enough to find anything. Whole families live there and assume it as their home in the province of  Entre Ríos .

When she arrived at the Volcadero, Anabella's idea was to help families  build houses . They did it by recycling pallets to create the structures. Fighting the housing crisis did not reach, there were other equally important problems: food, education and employment.

Anabella's charitable and titanic task began with a small group of friends in a car. Today there are more than 140 volunteers who perform the tasks in the group called  Sum de Wills .

 Recycling families, dreams and ways of living 

Rescuing people is not easy. Anabella and her companions from Sum de Voluntades started with food. To recycle people and change their lives, the Entrerriana proposed three priorities: food,  education  and work.

They developed three canteens that allow food rations to be delivered to families every day. Education is a fundamental pillar for the future. The group ensured that children from each family in the Volcadero receive school attendance three times a week.

Work dignified, and it was necessary to give order and organization to the tasks that each family performs in search of resources. Albornoz and his colleagues created the cooperative “Recycladores del Paraná”. This makes the work as a team, with a clear goal. This changed the lives of recyclers and gave them a new perspective on their futures.

They created a catering service, which is  led by women  in the neighborhoods boroughs to the dump. This possibility of work and organization allowed them to have their own income for themselves and their children. In addition, the activity represents a space where you can interact with other families, get to know each other and work together.

 Recognition and award 

This hard work by Anabella Albornoz took importance at the national level and was among those chosen by  Abanderados , an organization that recognizes and highlights the  solidarity work in Recycling people is not easy, it involves working on their mentality, their strength and showing them that they can change their reality for a better one.

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