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Prisoners made a Lightning McQueen wheelchair for La Plata Children's Hospital

They were the prisoners of a unit in Florencio Varela. They repaired a wheelchair and turned it into the character of Cars.

Prisoners restored a wheelchair and transformed it into Lightning McQueen, the red car of the children's film Cars, and donated it to the Children's Hospital in  La  Silver

The initiative, promoted by Judge of Criminal Execution 1 of Quilmes, Julia Márquez, was developed in the workshops of Unit 42 in Varela, where inmates repair traditional wheelchairs. But this time, with ingenuity and creativity, they managed to make this mobile look more pleasant for small patients.

El Rayo McQueen was received by José Pujol, Executive Director of José Pujol Hospital, Silvina Prates, Associate Director Maria Eugenia Crivaro, Head of Emergency Service, and Gloria Ghizzo, Chief of the Inpatient Room.

“It is a pleasure to receive this  donation , pediatric hospitals try to be more patient friendly and the idea is that everything is one distraction and a game for the boys. This chair is going to work for this,” Pujol explained.

The inmates who manufactured the McQueen Lightning perform in the blacksmithing and carpentry workshops at the  prison . In addition, on this occasion those who perform upholstery and painting tasks joined.

Source: Telam/Image,: Via La Plata

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