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Plants and their therapy for the soul

Elizabeth Carripilón is a woman from the city of San Pedro, Misiones, who decided to bet on plants during the pandemic.

Stories of people
 terapia para el alma

How many revelations did the coronavirus bring into our lives.  The confinement, the  quarantine , the rethinking of the roads taken and even flytozos to change course . This time of connection with ourselves deep inside many. Some unlocking frustrated  dreams  or discovered hidden longings. While others realized that it was time to do something about it for what they always wanted. And that's what happened to  Elizabeth , who felt  it was time for her hobby to turn into a  business  . One that was not only redeitable, but also brought him satisfaction. That is why, with a lot of joy and effort, he installed a plant nursery  that he enjoys enormously.

 A green world 

The 57-year-old woman is recognized in the community for her  commitment  and dedication as a wife, mother and grandmother. However, the space of succulents and cactus you chose to undertake the sample in another different plane. It involves  the management and management of a special project  that houses  more than 500 species  of these particular  plants . She cares carefully and gives them love, which makes them  grow even stronger . The place is located in the urban area of the missionary town and represents a ground wire for Eli.

But she's not alone in this. It is her  husband, Jorge Sztej , who  helps her  with the assembly of the pots that began during the quarantine. The man is responsible for making various cuts of bamboo, motorcycle covers and wooden logs, on which the sown will rest. Elizabeth recounts that she started with little,  a few simple leaves  that a friend gave her.  Although today it has many varieties . He also admits that this precious corner is petty because  it serves to rest his mind . He likes what he does and also  contributes to the environment , as he  reuses materials that are thrown away to make the plantings. Every day comes to the nursery to water and grow new plants.

As for the people's response, the entrepreneur  was surprised by the interest and demand . It was enough to put your creations in WhatsApp status so that orders started to arrive. It is that their way of promoting succulents in original pots caught attention. In this sense, the biggest sales take place on anniversaries or special dates, such as Friend's Day.  She tenderly claims that such plants look beautiful by the natural look . In addition, he does not fail to emphasize Jorge's accompaniment in the project.

 Five stars in attention and kindness 

Elizabeth aims to  spread with joy  to people who need a reason to forget about the harsh everyday life that you embed us. To do so, it is based on the good presentation of its products, the affection dedicated to the initiative and its charisma. The neighbor of San Pedro argues that  it is beautiful to be surrounded by plants  and hopes that her story will serve to encourage someone.  In this way, invite those who have any unconcreted ideas to encourage themselves . At the same time, it plans to expand its project by improving infrastructure and adding more species. In this way, a hobby can become the best job of your life and Eli shows us that it's never too late.

Publication Date: 09/12/2020

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