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Passion for toy cars

Juan Pablo Villar collects small cars to scale and has 3500 copies.

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Some might think that, in times of release and Marie Kondo, collectors were already out of fashion. But passions are not explained in words and no one can come to tell us what has to make us happy, no matter how bestselling their self-help books may be. Juan Pablo Villar is an obstetrician and lives in the town of Ituzaingó, in Greater Buenos Aires. Beyond his profession, he has a hobby that he has been passionate about for several decades: he has been collecting scale cars since 1978, when his parents gave him his first Matchbox. Today he has 3,500 copies, neatly accommodated in a special room in his house and arranged according to specific criteria. His collection has everything: cars, trucks, buses, pickups, sports cars and some rarities. Those who collect this type of object get their greatest satisfaction from finding that precious piece, which is often lost and in the hands of someone who does not know its value. Juan Pablo searches for his treasures in fairs of squares and premises lost in galleries. According to him, you can find the best things there. Collectors like John Paul are far from being compulsive accumulators: they are passionate, they are people who found something that fills them and makes them happy. They are, deep down, just kids who enjoy playing with their favorite toys.

Publication Date: 22/08/2018

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