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Panchito, the guanaco

In Puerto Deseado there is a small 4-month-old guanaco that is called this and is a furor in that town of Santa Cruz.

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In  Puerto Deseado  there is a small 4-month  guanaco   called  Panchito  and is a furor in that town of  Santa Cruz  , on social networks and also in various media.

Lucas Feijóo shared on  Facebook  how chulengo helped in the noble task of making fried cakes; then a video of how he ate them. The publication, first in the group “ Soy  Patagónico  ” where you can find, among other things, experiences that usually occur only in this southern region of the Argentina. Then, too, in various national media outlets.

Panchito, as the animal is called, is part of the daily life of the family that lives in Estancia El Triunfo, in  Puerto Deseado . It all started in late October, when Lucas and a friend were working in the field: on a tour of the area, they found the chulengo alone and surrounded by gray foxes. “We grabbed him to see if the gang was nearby to leave it there in case the guanaca was looking for it again, they scream,” Lucas said, adding that capable jumped the wire and, as it is very high, he could not pass. Despite trying to reunite with his family, they did not find her and took him to the Estancia so that he would not die and raise him.

Panchito el gunaco

 Guanacos are of collective customs although in small groups.  They do not usually move independently, only males of those crews, who look for where they can feed and drink better. Females and their offspring, are several per group. In addition, chulengos can already walk/run shortly after birth, as was the case with  Panchito , although jumps are more complicated.

At that time I only had weeks, not much more. “Many times the chulenguitos die of grief, because they miss the mother,” said Feijoó. However, after breastfeeding and caresses to love it a little faster, he is healthy, safe and accompanying the various activities on a daily basis. Panchito is already four months old and is related as one more with the animals of the Estancia, and also with people.

One day Lucas was making dough for the fried cakes, to accompany the mattes, and after opening the door, Panchito joined and stood next to the table: then he began to eat. “there he looked like he was helping me. I asked a friend to take pictures and uploaded it,” he says.

Lucas could not believe the viralization of that photo but... it is not very common to see these animals so “domesticated”, “helping” in household chores or as if it were one more in the mattes round; he also lets himself caress by the little ones in the family. It's a good animal that is just there as if he had done it for years and for years, letting himself take pictures, posing.

Panchito is another animal that is viralized by its actions, in this case it is part of the city of santacruceña of  Puerto Deseado , a town that exceeds 15 thousand inhabitants and is located more than 200 kilometers from  Caleta Olivia , on the north bank of the estuary del Deseado. In the short time 2021, how many other animals have been viralized?   Santa Cruz  also seems to bite in tip adding also   Ramón ,     the rooster that mobilized the caletans .   How many others will we see over the next few months? Do we form a ranking thinking at the end of the year? At the moment, we introduced Panchito, the little guanaco who could have had a sad ending, but who finally had a second chance with Lucas and his family, as if he were one more.

Panchito el gunaco

Publication Date: 11/03/2021

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