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Olga Molina: a great supportive heart

In La Rioja, a supportive heart helps children in need: Olga Molina.

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In La Rioja many children suffer from not being able to access a  plate  of food. Olga Molina, a 67-year-old Riojana, was puzzled to see that so many little ones are on an empty stomach. With the great heart of solidarity that characterizes her, Olga was moved by the children of the neighborhood where she lives and decided to create a picnic area.

The Agrarian Quarter is far from all central life of the capital, passing Route 38 and La Rioja airport. It is an area where many  children  are lacking resources. Olga welcomes you at her picnic area on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 pm with a rich snack and on Saturdays at noon with a tasty lunch. However, small ones come to the place from Barrio Francisco I and the nearby settlements.


 An important collaboration 

Mobilized by Olga's conviction in its  project  to help with children, the Sí Foundation in La Rioja provides its bit. These young volunteers approach the picnic area on Saturdays. They dedicate 2 hours to teach children values, their strengths and encourage them to look for a future full of possibilities. In addition, they encourage to participate in the activities and games, listen to and contain them so that they know they can count on the foundation at all times. It is worth highlighting such a commitment of these young people that, they care about providing them with tools, and so they can get ahead.

 A reality that hurts 

The Agrarian Quarter and nearby areas suffer a significant lack of basic resources. The vast majority of people do not have a fixed  job  or salary. To earn a living they go out to collect scrap metal and then sell it or gather seeds. While some have social plans such as Universal Assignment, they cannot meet the needs that make them more complex in their day-to-day life. There are even families with up to fourteen children, and thus living becomes impossible when trying to support these children.

 The picnic of hope 

When they arrive, children feel they can live, they feel they can access a future, achieve their goals, a hope that moves. Olga gives them everything he can give them, the picnic is part of their being, his way of helping the most helpless. Every day she gets up to collect donations from the Provincial Housing Administration, the Yes Foundation and friendly shops who selflessly collaborate with Olga's colossal work. She joyfully gives the little ones a place where they can feed, have fun, play and laugh while enjoying a place built with love and effort.

solidarity heart

Most often, seeing a person who does not have a dish of food, we look to the other side, ignoring this cruel  reality . However, there are beings capable of understanding the other, of having a huge empathy. Olga is one of those beings who, seeing this terrible situation, tears sprouted from their eyes and stood firm to build a place to help with everything she has and more.

More than a hundred boys attend the “Merendero de Olguita¨, a work by this fighter who helps with such a firm decision driven by an immense heart.

The picnic is nourished by any donation that is possible, without seeing if it is something political. Everything is in favor of the little ones who come to the place for a plate of food. For this reason, to collaborate with the “Olguita snack” in the Agrarian Quarter in La Rioja, you can contact the 380-4141744, cell phone of Liliana Fuentes, daughter of Olga Molina, who manages the place.

Publication Date: 02/03/2021

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By: DelSal 03 March, 2021

Que bueno q rescaten estas historias!!! Gracias

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